Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Pictures

One day we happened to go by the Enchanted Garden when Belle tells her story by using people from the audience. Natalie got picked to be Lumier and it was very cute. She really enjoyed it and did a great job. Later, all the girls got to meet Belle. Sorry the picture is sideways, I can't figure out how to rotate it.

You can also wait in line at the Hall of Fame at certain times of day to meet Characters. They take you in a room about 4 families at a time and you meet the princesses one at a time. They each have their curtained area with a seat to take a picture on. They are so good at staying in character and actually take the time to talk a little to each kid. Ariel was in her grotto one night at we got to meet her. She was funny and told the girls "thanks for swimming by tonight" Then as they were leaving "have fun in the park walking on your feet for me"

Hannah was thrilled with the Carasel horse ride, since she is so in love with horses.
If you look at the time, yes, it is almost 1am. I went to work from 7-11 tonight and was so busy that I didn't even leave work until 12:15am. It takes a while for me to unwind and fall asleep, but I am starting to feel the late hour now. More pictures later.

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