Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mom is coming over today around 2, to watch the girls while I go to work from 3-7. I called and talked to the secretary last night and she sounded pretty overwhelmed, and said that the census is up so hopefully they won't cancel me this week. Right now I am just signed up for 20 hours. I was planning on Mom just staying the night, since she is watching them while I work 7-3 tomorrow. That would keep her from having to wake up real early and get here by 6am or me having to get the girls up and tote them to Mom's. When I signed up for work today, I didn't realize that our church was changing the Wed. night service to Tuesday because of the holiday tomorrow, so looks like I will miss again.
I am trying to do a little schoolwork this week, Like catching up with the books the girls are reading. Aaron came home yesterday and went straight to work after supper on the gutters. He worked up until around 8pm or later. He started around 5:30. It was cold out. I went out periodically to help hold something or hand him something. Madelyn and Natalie ran around in the dark with flashlights for a long time. Hannah was running a 102+fever, so she stayed inside with me. I don't know what is going on with her. She complained of a headache yesterday and was so irritable. I finally put her in my bed and she slept a couple of hours. Then ran a fever last night. So far, no fever or irritablility this morning.
Maybe it is a 24 hour headache virus. I had a horrible headache Sunday morning. So bad, that after class, I sat down for church services and felt a little sick to my stomach, so I took Mom's car back to her apartment and stayed there during services. The headache lasted all day, but was a little better to where I went Sunday night. Then Aaron complainded of a headache Sunday night, and Madelyn was sick with a headache then. Strange.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh wise 4 year old

Last night, Aaron had been working outside and he was sitting at the table with Hannah. He had his baseball cap on backward. She said matter of factly "you know, some people wear their hats like that because they are trying to be cool, but some turn them around, so that they look like daddys." So, Aaron promptly turned it back around the "daddy" way.
Another funny... the other night Madelyn had been asleep about 45 min. when she woke up and came into the living room. I was still up. She just stood there staring at me.
I said "what?"
She says. "you know they slide when you move them"
I said "what slides when you move them?" thinking that her sleep induced answer will be pretty funny.
She says' "brooms, they slide when you use them"
I said "go to the bathroom and back to bed" She had no memory of that the next morning, but I thought it was pretty funny.
Can't think of any funny or embarassing stories about Natalie right now,but I am sure they will happen soon enough.
Before going to TN for Christmas, we took the rattlesnake out of the freezer and Aaron disected it for us. Pretty interesting, and we were hoping to see some babies, since we killed it in September, and they give birth soon after. But it was either male or not pregnant and we couldn't tell the difference.
So, afterwards, Aaron put it, guts side down, down by the peach trees out our side window, so we can look out there and watch the buzzards eat it. I know, we are a little weird, but we like wildlife. It was still there, apparently untouched, the whole 5 days we were gone.
Aaron flips it, hoping that guts side up will stink more and draw something to come eat it. The next morning, the girls saw 3 buzzards eating it, but by the time I got to the window they had been scared away.
Now Princess has gotten ahold of it. She was eating on it yesterday, still under the peach tree, which was gross enough, but when we got home from church this morning, it was on our bedroom porch.
She carried it around all day, here and there, nibbling on it. Gag! I wish we had buried it now.
Aaron and I went yesterday to Lowes to get gutters for the front of the house. The whole house needs them, but we are going to do a little at a time. Whenever it rains, our porch made of concrete, holds a ton of water and we have to walk through a big puddle to get in. We bought the supplies yesterday and Aaron put most of it up this afternoon. My help was minimal, but I did have to climb up a scary ladder balance on the ground and a rock to hold the chalk line for him. I hate ladders, but it was his new one he got for Christmas, and it didn't rock like his old one does, so it wasn't as scary as I thought. It looks good so far, there are a few more supplies that we need, so he will probably be finishing that project 1/1 when he is off work, since it is dark when he gets home.
Madelyn was complaining of a headache before church, right across her forehead, but then ate supper and said she felt better. So we went on and she didn't complain again until about 1 hour after church. We were invited to a friends house and she was walking around smiling, but then I could tell she wanted to cry, so we left and she was crying by the time we got home. Of course a headache, 3 miles of curvy road, plus 2 miles of gravel road, and what do you get???
Vomiting! She didn't get sick until we had been home about 1 hour and about 45 min. after her tylenol. I am really hoping that it was all motion sickness and not something contagious. She says her stomachache and headache are gone now, but we will probably be sleeping on the couches tonight, just so I will be close if she needs me.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

8 measly hours

Well, I had hoped to get in 40 hrs this week with Aaron being off work, but unfortunately, even though I was scheduled 7-3 M-W, I only got to work Tuesday. Only 8 hours this week. They called me off M and W and I tried to work yesterday- no luck, but the census was up from the last time I had worked. So, I called this morning and the census had gone down 10 since yesterday, which may not seem like a lot, but when you work at a hospital with one floor, it is. I went ahead and emailed the Nursing Director my schedule for Jan. and Feb, hoping that if I am already on the schedule to work, I would be more likely to be able to work. I signed up for 80 hours in Jan. and 68 hrs in Feb. That is way more than usually. (Sometimes I barely get in my 32 hours a month). Well see how many hours I actually get to work.
I think I have all my Christmas shopping done except for the girls' stuff. I will probably either leave the girls with Aaron tomorrow and go to Walmart with Mom, or go with Aaron and leave the girls with Mom.
Since I didn't work today, Aaron and I decided to tackle the garage. I am embarassed to admit, but it was NASTY. We have 3 cats and even though there is always a litter box out there, at least one of them has taken to pooping and peeing anywhere but the litter box. So, the cats are on their own outside. One of them sleeps in the doghouse with the dog anyway and the other one is welcome on the porch, but no more cats in the garage. Our smallest cat always uses the litterbox, so he is allowed inside. We also had lots of boxes half empty from the move and still a lot of boxes full. We put a lot of stuff in the unfinished room above the garage, like baby beds, baby clothes, etc. and we probably got at least 5-6 trashbags of stuff. I have a box of books that I am going to take to our homeschool coop to give away. I can't stand the thought of throwing them out, but we really have no more room. It looks sooo much better. I cleaned the floor with water and soap and an old broom we have designated for outside and it looks and smells much better. I might even take someone out there on a tour of our house too. Instead of pretending like the garage doesn't exist.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I know I am cheap...

We went out to eat tonight. We hadn't even had anything other than food from the house for over two weeks, I am proud to say. Not one stop through a drive through, and we hardly ever sit down in the restaurant. When we do sit down at a restaurant, there is no wasting of food. We all get water, and we share. For instance, tonight, Aaron and I both got a hamburger and fries, and I ordered the girls ONE kids' chicken and FF which they all shared. We all ate for $23 at Ruby Tuesday's and left full. However, Madelyn did make a joke at our cheap expense. Since there was only one kids' meal, the waiter only brought one dip and one ketchup cup. So, I had to ask for more dip and ketchup. After he left our dips on the table, Natalie says "Do we have to pay for these dips?" To which Madelyn replied dryly "no, because if we did, we wouldn't be eating any."
Aaron and I found that amusing, but someday, when she is raising her family, she will look back and be impressed by her parents miserly ways, or be embarassed by the fact that she had to share a kid's meal with her sisters and overcompensate with her kids and always buy them their own meal AND a drink other than water.
We went to this thing called Santa's Village about an hour away from us. It is an extension of the museums we bought a yearly pass to. We got a small discount for being members of the musuem and thought we would check it out. I worked the last 4 nights, and it is supposed to rain the next few days, so we wanted to go while we had a chance. It was a flop. There were a few activities, and the girls enjoyed it ok, but there were about 3 times as many people meandering around than there was room for. Add to that rude, rude children, running, pushing, yelling and cutting line and their parents chuckling along behind them, that Aaron and I were about ready to leave once we got there. We stayed about an hour and then left for the restaurant.
I am signed up to work 7-3 the next 3 days. I don't know if they will need me or not. The hospital wasn't full when I left last night and they have a tendency to call me off on the days I sign up for 7-3, so we will see if I go in or not. Aaron is off until Jan 4 I think. I would love to get in 40 hours this week before we go out of town. I may have to switch my days to 3-11 though. They hardly ever cancel me when I work evening shift.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Much better now

Thankfully, no one else got sick other than Natalie and I. I thought Madelyn was going to come down with it, but she didn't. I went ahead and signed up for 44 hours to work over 8 days, which is a lot for me. I am working Wed-Fri this week 7-11, Sat. 3-11, then M-W 7-3. I don't know if I will be able to work all of them or not, often, I get cancelled, but I will take what I can get. I just got home from my first 4 hour shift a few minutes ago.
It has rained so much here the past two days. Since we are at the highest point around, and all the trees, add to that our tin roof and thunderstorms sound about 10x louder at this new house than they did at the old place. Plus, the wind really whistles as it is whipping through the trees. When we first looked at this house, there was a small, small pond close to the house. That was almost 1 1/2 years ago. I wouldn't have believed there was a pond there at all if we hadn't seen it for ourselves that first summer, it has been dried up ever since. Well, now it is full. When it reaches a certain point, it goes through the culvert under our driveway and down into a ditch that goes into the forest.
Today Madelyn said "Mom, can I play outside?" I said "are you crazy, it is raining and cold" and she says "I'll put on shoes" Well, duh, it is December.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

To feed Natalie or not to feed Natalie..that is the question

This bug has lingered for 5 days now, and only 2 of us have had it. I am feeling much better, actually made a trip to the store and the video store today and ate 2 meals, but I am still not back to normal.
Poor Natalie who got it 4 days ago has been feeling bad off and on, only to get worse in the last 24 hours. She threw up once Wed. night. Then has been lying around off and on since. I thought she was getting better.
Our original plans for last night was for Hannah and I to watch the parade, and for Madelyn and Natalie to ride with Aaron (as Smokey the Bear) on the float. However, Natalie hardly got off the couch yesterday afternoon and complained of vague stomach problems. So, we decided it best for her not to be stuck on a float from set up time 6:30pm to 9pm. I can just imagine the bad memories that would come for her, Aaron, and the parade watchers if she decided to be sick from either end.
We are so lucky that the last leg of the parade route goes right by our church parking lot. Last year, Hannah and I watched it from there, instead of the festive square, along with about 5 other people, too far away to recognize. I had mono at the time, and was barely able to carry the chairs from the van to the sidewalk. The parade route is so long that it started at 7pm and didn't get to the church's road until about 7:50.
So, we got there about 7:10, Hannah was asleep and Natalie felt horrible, and I wondered why I got out in 27 degrees anyway? Being next to our church and being that I have a key, I opened the teen building, carried Hannah in and she slept on the couch, while Natalie watched the Disney channel, and I watched out the window, waiting for the parade to finally make it to us. When it did, I ran to the car, got out the chairs, 2 blankets, 3 pairs of socks(for our hands) and my cape, woke up Hannah, and we set up on the sidewalk to watch the parade.
Hannah didn't want to move because she was cold and I had her covered up. Natalie didn't want to move because she felt horrible, so it was up to me, who looks like a cow in a cape to swoop down and pick up all the candy that the people keep throwing at us. We were the ONLY people on the block watching the parade, so it was like they did it all for us. We stayed until the end, b/c the end is so exciting. Horses galore. I remember last year, they just kept on coming, so this year I decided to count, and I am sure I missed a few since, most were trotting by, it was the end of a very cold parade, but I got 124. 124 horses. WoW!
We left and my gas light was on, and even though it is not even 9pm, I knew the two gas stations we pass on the way home would be closed, so I drove into town further to get gas. We get there and Natalie says "are we here to go to the bathroom?" I say no, why didn't you go during the 2 hours we were at the church building?
Something made me stop filling up at $10 and head home. Maybe the sound of Natalie's voice, I don't know. We got home probably 15 min. later, and I thought Natalie was asleep, but she got out of the car and another blessing... the door was locked and it took me a minute to get Hannah out. Because Natalie ended up vomiting right outside the door. I am so glad she didn't make it in. And there you go. Another Christmas parade memory in the books. Mono 2007, Stomach Virus 2008
Night #4 on the couch. I slept out there again with Natalie and while I was sick. Now before you think Aaron is bad for banishing me to the couch... If I asked him to, he would go, and I sleep so good on the couch and he sleeps terrible on it. When you have kids, you realize even more that it is a very smart thing to try to keep at least one adult well.
Back to the title of the post. She is hungry, but she got sick again around lunchtime and 30 min. later wanted food. It is so hard to look at your already skinny minny daughter who hasn't eaten much in 3 days and deny her food. So, we are taking it slow and hopefully she got rid of the last of it today.
Aaron is over at Mom's apartment. (she is out of town) We have lots of sick sheets that need to be washed and there is a football game on, so I he decided to go do the laundry since all he can watch here is kid's movies. I hope, hope, hope that no one else gets this, because it lasts so long.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh, for the stomach virus resistant days again

Warning...This post is not for those who get grossed out easily.
Way back when I was growing up, I hardly ever got sick to my stomach. I mean, I kept up with it, and I once went 7 years without vomiting. Hard to believe. Then after that one time, it was another 5 years and I got sick while pregnant with Madelyn, and it has gone downhill from there. I think that since, my body has been trying to catch up with all the times I managed to not get the stomach virus growing up. When all the people around me would be vomiting, I might have gotten a stomach ache and diarrhea.
I woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday night and was sick all night long. Aaron took off most of the day yesterday, but had to go in that afternoon because there was something that had to be done that day. By then I was feeling a tiny bit better. I called Mom that morning and asked if she could go to the store and get me the stomach virus staples - crackers, sprite, popscicles, etc. Plus we had some movies to take back to town, so she did that.
Some bad judgement on my part - Mom had come back out around 4 and about an hour before she got there, Natalie complained of her stomach hurting, but she and Madelyn had been running around wild, and I had Madelyn make her a bed on the couch and she gave her a glass of water, and she laid there about an hour. She didn't want to, but I made her and she kept saying she was hungry and felt better. Thinking it was from running around crazy, I let her get up. Then Mom came and offered to take the girls to her house for a while. Natalie still acting better, I let them all go. Mom took our van and left her car. She calls about 15 min. later, saying she took the movies back, but Natalie wants to come home, her stomach is hurting again. Well, thankfully, Mom had a bag to give her. Mom calls back about 10 min. later, saying she is almost there, can Aaron come out to the car and help Natalie in, she had gotten sick. So, poor Aaron had to go out there and clean out the car, while I gave Natalie a bath. Thankfully the sack helped a lot. Mom ended up taking Madelyn home with her to spend the night, and I am fixing to call and see if she stayed well through the night.
Natalie only got sick that one time. I hope it is over, she has already eaten 2 big pretzels this morning. I am feeling about 75% better, at least the constant nausea is gone. I am holding my breath that the rest of us don't get it. I HATE THE STOMACH VIRUS.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Update

Aaron, the girls and I drove to TN Thursday morning to my brother Michael's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was such a nice day, probably got up to around 65 degrees and sunny. The kids played outside almost the whole time. There are 8 grandchildren 3 boys, and 5 girls. I made individual cheese balls and an apple pie cheesecake the night before.
That night, we made our way to Aaron's parents which are 30 min. away. We spent the night there, then got up the next morning and ate breakfast.
After breakfast, Aaron cleaned out the van of all the seats except the front, we told the kids goodbye and drove back to where my dad and other brother live. They each had part of the whole of the bunkbeds my dad was giving us, that used to be my brothers. We got the bunkbeds, then drove home.
After driving 3 hours home, we realized we needed special mattresses, so we drove back to the bigger town (30 min. ) and got some bunky bed mattresses and finally came home.
Saturday we were able to get quite a bit done. Aaron fixed the roof on the barn, hung up Christmas lights on the barn, and another job outside. I was able to clean half the house.
It is very quiet in our house without the kids. I miss them.
Sunday, after church services, I was able to get the bunkbeds ready for sleeping, and rearranged Natalie and Hannah's room and got rid of more clothes. Last night, we went over to Moms and unloaded something for her, then came home.
As soon as I get off of here, I am going to dress and go pick up Mom and we are driving to TN to pick up the kids.
Meanwhile, while we were home, the girls had a great time. Friday, they went to Nashville to the free, wonderful museum and then to Aaron's brother's house for supper. Saturday, they went back to Nashville and got to ride in a horse carriage around town. And last night they went to the Opryland Hotel and walked around, took a boat ride around the conservatory. They had a great time.