Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh wise 4 year old

Last night, Aaron had been working outside and he was sitting at the table with Hannah. He had his baseball cap on backward. She said matter of factly "you know, some people wear their hats like that because they are trying to be cool, but some turn them around, so that they look like daddys." So, Aaron promptly turned it back around the "daddy" way.
Another funny... the other night Madelyn had been asleep about 45 min. when she woke up and came into the living room. I was still up. She just stood there staring at me.
I said "what?"
She says. "you know they slide when you move them"
I said "what slides when you move them?" thinking that her sleep induced answer will be pretty funny.
She says' "brooms, they slide when you use them"
I said "go to the bathroom and back to bed" She had no memory of that the next morning, but I thought it was pretty funny.
Can't think of any funny or embarassing stories about Natalie right now,but I am sure they will happen soon enough.
Before going to TN for Christmas, we took the rattlesnake out of the freezer and Aaron disected it for us. Pretty interesting, and we were hoping to see some babies, since we killed it in September, and they give birth soon after. But it was either male or not pregnant and we couldn't tell the difference.
So, afterwards, Aaron put it, guts side down, down by the peach trees out our side window, so we can look out there and watch the buzzards eat it. I know, we are a little weird, but we like wildlife. It was still there, apparently untouched, the whole 5 days we were gone.
Aaron flips it, hoping that guts side up will stink more and draw something to come eat it. The next morning, the girls saw 3 buzzards eating it, but by the time I got to the window they had been scared away.
Now Princess has gotten ahold of it. She was eating on it yesterday, still under the peach tree, which was gross enough, but when we got home from church this morning, it was on our bedroom porch.
She carried it around all day, here and there, nibbling on it. Gag! I wish we had buried it now.
Aaron and I went yesterday to Lowes to get gutters for the front of the house. The whole house needs them, but we are going to do a little at a time. Whenever it rains, our porch made of concrete, holds a ton of water and we have to walk through a big puddle to get in. We bought the supplies yesterday and Aaron put most of it up this afternoon. My help was minimal, but I did have to climb up a scary ladder balance on the ground and a rock to hold the chalk line for him. I hate ladders, but it was his new one he got for Christmas, and it didn't rock like his old one does, so it wasn't as scary as I thought. It looks good so far, there are a few more supplies that we need, so he will probably be finishing that project 1/1 when he is off work, since it is dark when he gets home.
Madelyn was complaining of a headache before church, right across her forehead, but then ate supper and said she felt better. So we went on and she didn't complain again until about 1 hour after church. We were invited to a friends house and she was walking around smiling, but then I could tell she wanted to cry, so we left and she was crying by the time we got home. Of course a headache, 3 miles of curvy road, plus 2 miles of gravel road, and what do you get???
Vomiting! She didn't get sick until we had been home about 1 hour and about 45 min. after her tylenol. I am really hoping that it was all motion sickness and not something contagious. She says her stomachache and headache are gone now, but we will probably be sleeping on the couches tonight, just so I will be close if she needs me.

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