Monday, March 31, 2008

Loose tooth

Natalie's first tooth finally came out last night. It has been loose for a while. It got to the point yesterday, that it was sitting much higher than the tooth next to it, and it was leaning, almost lying on the tooth beside it. I have never liked looking at loose teeth, so Aaron got the job of pulling it out. She resisted, but she was talking with a lisp, it was so loose. It turned out ok though and now it is another sign she is growing up. Add that to the fact that she is turning 6 in 2 days. I can hardly believe it. Wow! I scheduled a skate party at the local skate rink and today we are either going to go buy invitations or make our own and mail them out.

Tomorrow is our second ladie's lunch at church. I hope more people turn out, but we will see. I don't know how many have signed up, but last night at church I think there were 4 or 5. I am going to stop by there and pick up the sign up list and then see what else I need to get. I am making burrito casserole. Hope it is fun. The one we will have two weeks from this week will fall on Spring break, so hopefully a lot of people can come that week since it seems like 90% of the women at church who work are teachers.
The day I wrote the last post while waiting up for Aaron to get home was a long day. Aaron ended up getting 18 hours in that day and didn't get home until 1:30 am Friday. He took a shower and went straight to bed and we all woke up around 9am and they called him back to work at 9:45 to work until 7pm. I was supposed to be at work at 3pm. Mom had been thinking of coming down anyway and taking Friday off. She was able to get off early and come down and spend the evening with the girls. and all day Saturday. I also worked 7-11 Saturday night.
Aaron and I woke up on Sunday morning, the girls were already awake and so I asked him what time it was. (I can't see the alarm clock without my contacts in. )
He didn't look, but said it had to be before 7:20am because that is what time he set the alarm for. After talking for a few minutes and the girls coming to visit us, he finally looked at the clock and what time was it really? 9:15am. Class at Church starts at 9:30. Apparently he set the alarm, but never turned it on. Sounds like something I would do .
Thankfully, Madelyn had already gotten dressed, so she was ready. She had already poured milk for all three girls, so I knew they would have something in their stomachs. I hopped out of bed and got clothes out for Natalie and Hannah and got them dressed and shoes and jackets on while Aaron was taking a shower. He was out the door by 9:30 with the girls. He gets ready so much faster than me since he doesn't have to dry hair. So I ended up missing class and meeting them there for worship, taking some cereal for the girls, since they didn't get breakfast. Normally, Sundays are not so hectic. We usually are up by 7:30 and have plenty of time to dilly dally.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

To Work or Not to Work...

A few months ago, I put it to Aaron as to whether I should continue to work at the hospital or not. At the time, I had not been able to work my required hours due to sickness. Aaron is on call for fires every other week. Since we don't live near any family that can watch the girls at a moment's notice and since there is no one here to watch them when I work evening shift through the bedtime hours, I can't sign up to work when Aaron might have to go in. We decided I would work until the adoption goes through and then we will revisit it then after I take some time off.

Now this last few weeks, seems his schedule and my work schedule have been colliding and brings the question up in my mind. Do I continue to try to fit in my hours each month, or do I just give up and stay at home. The money sure helps when we have it and with more adoption bills coming, well, I feel it is needed. This thought process was brought on tonight when I was out back while Natalie's Daisy troop was playing at the playground. I took the cell phone out there and Aaron called to state there were 4 fires. This is day 11 in a row for him by the way. I was supposed to work 7-11 tonight. This isn't his week on call, but when they need him, they need him and his job comes first - as it should. So, after scrambling to find a babysitter Sunday on a moments notice, I was at it again tonight. I went ahead and called in absent to work, since it had to be done by 5pm if it was going to be done. I was going to try and find someone to watch the girls, but luckily, they found someone to work. I hate calling in. But to find a non-grandparent to watch your kids at night after bedtime is almost an impossibility, especially on a school night.

Now Aaron feels that he is probably going to have to work tomorrow also, even though it is his day off. And I was supposed to work 3-11. What to do? I can't decide. Mom had mentioned coming this weekend, but she probably isn't going to. I am supposed to take Madelyn to Brownies at 2:50 and she will be busy until 7 or 8 going to a movie, but then her troop leader is bringing her home. But, if I am at work and Aaron isn't home yet and the girls are at a babysitter, I can't ask her to go all over town delivering my child. Then the problem of Brownies not starting until 2:50 and I have to be at work at 2:40. I thought about a college student that I might be able to beg with lots of money to come watch the kids, but even if she said yes, Aaron may get off at 3 and she may make a wasted trip. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! To much info- I want to cry. Is it worth all this worry?

Well, it seems that it is when I get the paycheck. But then if I am free to take care of the house and kids without the worry, and Aaron keeps getting overtime, then it may be better that I stay home. I mean it is only 32 hours a month, and I know those of you who work fulltime are laughing at me, but I am having a ton of trouble fitting in these hours. I guess I will wait to make the decision about tomorrow night when Aaron gets home late tonight or early in the morning to see if he is called back in tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Working Hard

I was finally feeling better a few weeks ago and it was either rainy or cold, I don't remember, so I put my Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds VHS video in our VCR and it ate the tape. That was the 3 mile tape. So I found the 1 mile tape, thinking the tape was the problem, and the VCR ate that one too. I have one of her run/walk tapes, but wasn't up to jogging. So, I got on ebay, where I have ordered all of her other videos that I have and ordered this 1,2,and 3 mile video using the waist band with these tension "handlebars" that you use throughout the workout. Hannah and Natalie are giving a good demonstration of how to use it.

I love her videos. Unlike all other videos I have tried to use, you don't have to be real coordinated to use hers, and you get a good workout. I finally got the dvd in the mail yesterday. My cough, stuffy nose, and lightheadedness are still here, but getting better today. After supper, the girls and I went out for 1/2 mile walk, they rode their bikes. Then I came in and did the entire 3 mile workout. I am so proud of myself.
I have been going to Weight Watchers and do good when I actually follow the program, but I don't do good when I don't follow it (duh!). I am not making excuses, but this "sick" winter we have had has put a damper on my exercise and weight loss. When I am feeling sick, I have no desire to think of good recipes, or good grocery lists and the last thing I want to worry about is counting points. Maybe I can get back on track this week.
Sunday was hectic. They called me Saturday offering lots of extra money if I would work any on Sunday. So, I worked 7-3. Madelyn and Natalie were in TN at Aaron's parents. Hannah was home with Aaron. He called me about 8:30am to tell me there was a huge fire he needed to go to. So, he threw some clothes on Hannah that thankfully, I had set out for her the night before and brought her to my work. She had on a real pretty dress and tennis shoes. I had failed to find her shoes before going to bed the night before. I called Bertha from church to see if I could drop Hannah off at class and if she would take her home with her after church. She did and I picked Hannah up that afternoon. Hannah loved it. I had planned on going to church Sunday night, but I was very stopped up this weekend and took tylenol sinus while at work and that made it tolerable, but I was so tired and miserable with it by the time I got off, that I stayed home. Plus, Aaron and I ended up taking Hannah and meeting his parents halfway again to pick up the big girls. We really missed them. The house is not the same without them here.
Talked to our adoption agency today. She had called to tell me that requirements have changed and sometime soon I need to get a letter from our local police stating that Aaron and I don't have a record. We had done that already and had fingerprints done for our homestudy, but since that was a year ago, I think we will need a new one. I guess that isn't too bad. The paperwork never seems to end.
Today was Aaron's 9th day in a row to work. Most of those days have been around 12 hours. Lots of fires this week. I know he is exhausted. He got home about 45 min. late today, and that seemed early. Thankfully, this is his short week so he will have Friday off, but then again he was supposed to have last Sat. and Sun. off. Hopefully he won't get called in at night. I am supposed to work 7-11 Thursday night, 3-11 Friday night and 7-11 Saturday night. It will be a long weekend, but when both our paychecks come in a week or so from now, they should be nice. Maybe it will pay for an adoption bill or two.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hannah and Me!

Hannah started running a low grade fever on Wed. night, so I stayed home with her from church. Then by Thursday afternoon, she was running a 102 fever and complaining of her throat hurting. I tried to get an appt. with her doctor, but he was closed on Friday, so I took her to the walk in clinic about 25 miles from here. The nurse was unable to get the throat culture, but since it looked like strep, the doctor went ahead and put her on the antibiotics.
I woke up with a head cold yesterday morning and am still a little stopped up today, although it I am thankfully feeling better by the hour. We were supposed to leave for our relatives in TN yesterday morning, but due to the strep, we had to put it off. Aaron's parents called and offered to meet Aaron halfway and pick up the older nonsick kids. So, last night Aaron drove 1.5 hrs one way to trade our kids for the Christmas presents we left at his parents house because we didn't have enough room in our car back at Christmas time. He got back around 9. I thought Hannah would be upset, but she was happy to stay with me(we didn't tell her where they were going). Then Aaron got home and she asked if he brought Madelyn and Natalie and we said "no, they are spending the night" and she was ok with that. Didn't even ask where they were spending the night.
Now it is Saturday. Aaron had to work today and just called at 4:45 to say he was going to another fire, so it may be a while before he gets home
Hannah has played good by herself or with me all day. We just took a walk. I pulled her in the wagon for 1/2 mile and she wanted to ride her big wheel, but I think that is the ibuprofen talking. Now she is watching her movie.
I am proud of myself for getting the dining room clean and I cleaned the books off of our plant table that has served as a lousy bookshelf since we moved. The books won't stay on it and it has been a mess. I asked for bookshelves for Christmas and we got 3 from Aaron's parents, and just got them last night, since we couldn't carry them home in December. I am debating as to whether or not to get one out and attempt to put it together. Now that I stacked all the books from the plant table on the floor it is even messier in the classroom. I can hardly stand to go in there.
I brought the plant table into the dining room and put all the plants that the girls and I planted last week on that instead of sitting on the floor. Looks much better.
The 20 acres we were wanting to buy is getting more complicated as we go. It may not go through. I am trying to not get discouraged with it and know that eventually we will either find land we can afford to build on or a house with the land that we can afford.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ladies' Lunch

Last week, I finally organized a lunch at church for the ladies. I have been wanting to do it for a while. I had to work last Wed. evening, so a friend from church made copies of the invitations for me and handed them out to the ladies class at church.
We had a total of 12 I think, if you include me and my 3 girls. We had a lot of fun, and it was nice to get out of the house and spend time with some of the other ladies at church. I had at least 2 more that were planning on coming, but one was injured and another had to work. And a few more that expressed interest at church on Sunday, but already had plans.
Everyone had a great time and expressed interest in doing it again, so I am going to plan another one in 2 weeks. I am really hoping that a lot of the elderly ladies will be able to come and get out of the house especially if they are dependent on others to come and get them. It has to get so lonely day after day to be stuck at home - especially for the widows who may be home alone. Even after being here a year, I know there aren't many elderly that I know personally, especially if they don't come to worship very often. Next time, I think I will find a game to play.
We are getting closer to making an offer on the land we are wanting to buy. We need either to trade an acre with the neighbors selling their property, get an easement on their property to get to our property, or buy an acre of theirs. Our realtor is calling them tomorrow and will let us know their choice.
Aaron get up around 5:30 and I woke up this morning at 5:45 to the sound of Madelyn and Natalie running up and down the hall making a ton of noise. Natalie told me she had been up half the night. I don't know about that, but I am sure they had been up a while to be so wound up. So we started school really early this morning. Probably before 7am. It worked out well, since we were going to be busy around lunch time. I have 4 copies of this illustrated Bible - just ordered it from last week. The girls love it and it has awesome pictures. I had ordered a bunch of copies so I could give some away. I tried reading from one copy to the girls, but they were crowding me so much, I gave them their own copy to look at while I read it. I just tell them when to turn the page. Natalie was lying on the couch this morning around 7 am with the book propped on the back of the couch. I said "turn to page___" about 3 times before I realized that she was asleep. So, I woke her up and she willingly went to bed for about 2 hours.
We went out and walked to the end of the road leading from the church's parking lot next door and back, then walked around the parking lot for a while, letting the girls play on their playground. Then we came back to our yard and played soccer with the girls for a long time. I am so out of shape.
I have always wanted to be a soccer coach for my kids. I am just too embarassed to be so out of shape. Got to work on that before next fall. I mean, I played soccer for 9 years, if anyone should be a coach, I should. The girls' coach last fall never even played before. He did a great job, but I really need to coach. I can remember back when I played indoor soccer in high school. A couple of my teammate's dad's were the coaches, and I don't think I appreciated it as much then, but those "old men" were in shape. They ran as much as us, and kept up with us, I can remember hardly being able to beat them. Looking back, they probably weren't much older than I am now, if not the same age, but man did they seem ancient back then.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Thinking Day

Last Saturday was Thinking Day for Girl Scouts. The second picture is of Natalie with the other Daisys in her group. One wasn't able to come. The other picture is of Natalie helping to lead the Pledge with the other girls. There were probably about 30-40 girls there all together. It was a lot of fun. Another mom and I chose Mexico, since we both had some actual stuff from Mexico to decorate with. In the invitation I received, the organizers stated that if you wanted to, you could have a talk ready about your country of choice, etc. She divided the girls into groups and they came around with a scavenger hunt and apparently all the other group leaders had come up with a talk about their country. I felt a little silly trying to pull everything I knew about Mexico out of my brain. Thankfully, we have studied that country already this year in our homeschool. Next year, since I will have a better idea of what to do, I will prepare better.

We will be making an offer on our land contingent on the fact that we can get on the property. It has 100 foot of frontage on the highway, but the frontage is at the point of a ditch and is blocked by a guardrail. The neighbor is selling his property with a trailor and 2 acres. Our realtor thinks that he may be interested in switching an acre with us, so we will have a place to build a driveway. I am excited, and maybe this week, we can make it out there, especially if it becomes ours this week, and take some pictures.
I am planning on going to visit family this coming weekend. I will probably leave on Friday and come back Tuesday or Wednesday. All of my neices and nephews are on spring break next week, so maybe we can all get together.
I also need to start planning Natalie's birthday party soon. She will be 6 in two weeks. I can hardly believe that she is that old. She is really smart. She does most thinking in her head. When she reads for me, at first I thought she wasn't trying or just staring at it, but she will say "I'm doing it in my head" and sure enough, she will come up with the answer. Same thing with math. I have been trying to drill math facts to them, like 1+1, 9+2, etc. and she will come up with the answer in her head on math problems that she isn't even to yet.
She wants to have a sleepover/skating party/ tea party. I think we will probably stick to the skating party and leave it at that.
Still waiting for our adoption papers to be authenticated and to be put on the waiting list.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow pictures

Here are a few pictures of the forest where Aaron works after the snow last night. I am glad we went and drove through when we did b/c the snow at our house was almost gone by the time we got home.

The girls have been going crazy with being inside so much. So we went to Walmart today and bought some potting soil and all we planted today were some old seeds from last year. I hope we at least get some veges this year. I will probably buy some more plants in a few weeks.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Strep Throat - Again! and The Dentist

Well, my throat pain that started the other day is strep throat. I went to the walk in clinic again and saw the same doctor. He remembered me and I was hoping that he would just look at my throat and say "yep, strep throat again, here is a prescription" But no, I had to get the throat culture again, and he also said I looked like I might have the flu too. Must not have looked to great that day. So, I also got the nasal swab, which was really painful, I was sure that my nose would start bleeding after the swabbing it hurt so bad, but it didn't. The results Strep + / Flu -
So, now I am on a different antibiotic. My throat is already starting to feel slightly better, although I am still pretty tired. I started the antibiotic about 1 1/2 days ago.
We had a big morning. All 3 of the girls had their dental checkups. It was the first time since we had moved. We were at the dentist office from 9:45 -12:00. Just what you want to do when recovering from strep. Anyway, I am really proud of the girls. The dental hygenist came out and started up a conversation with my 3 girls plus another one while they were in the waiting room. They talked for about 5 minutes on Barbie Fairytopia movie, then she took Madelyn and Natalie back with her, and they both went willingly without looking back. Hannah wanted to go too. Then about an hour later it seemed, it was a while, she came out to get Hannah. Hannah dropped her toys and ran to the lady. I couldn't believe it.
Finally, Madelyn came out and the hygenist poked her head out to say that Natalie was done too, but she wanted to play video games for a while longer. Dentists have come a long way since I was a kid. Remember when the put the goo fluoride in what looked like a teeth guard thingy and you had to bite down on it and keep that mouthguard full of oozing goo in your mouth while they timed it? Now, they just brush the fluoride on real quick.
Last year, the week before we moved, we payed a ton of money for Madelyn to have sealant put on her 6 year molars. Apparently, two of them need to be redone and one of those that does need to be redone has a small cavity, so we shall be returning next Wednesday to take care of that. I liked the dentist today. He said that sealent should last at least 2 years and they would like for it to last 7-8 years. So, I guess the last dentist didn't do to good of a job. Speaking of that...
A few weeks ago, when I had strep the first time, I had a dentist's appt. I had scheduled for myself on a day Aaron was off, so I wouldn't have to take the girls. So, since I was sick, Aaron went ahead and switched with me and went instead. Aaron is 31 and has never had a cavity. So, he goes to this dentist and comes home all upset. He said that the dentist told him that he had a small cavity in every one of his molars, and that they were so small they couldn't be seen on xray. (In other words - "I can't show you proof, but just trust me, that you who have never had a cavity now all of a sudden have a ton that are tiny") He then told Aaron he would need to come back for a cleaning in 3 months and then in another 3 months, and then maybe he could go back to every 6 months. I am the cavity queen, and I have never had a dentist tell me to come in more often than every 6 months. Also, that he would need to start filling them soon, and that most dentists wouldn't go through the trouble to fill in such tiny cavities, but he wants to get them before they get bigger. (In other words "if you get a second opinion, the other dentist will say you don't need to have these cavities filled, that way I will be more believable since I already told you what the other dentist will say")
I told Aaron that we will just let him go for another checkup in 6 months (when insurance will pay again) and not mention it to the new dentist and see if he agrees or even mentions it. I am glad I didn't go, he would have had a field day with my teeth. Ever since having the 3 pregnancies, my teeth have had trouble recovering.
Anyway, I told the dentist today about it and asked his opinion. He pretty much said we need to find a new dentist that doesn't have so much time on his hands.
We have continued fitting in school when we can between doctor's visits, but I haven't been reading to the girls all that I normally read. My throat is so dry and talking a lot makes me cough and is painful. Just like last time, the throat pain is going up onto the roof of my mouth. I sneezed twice today and thought I might cry from the pain that induced. I am working 3 evenings next week, so I should be feeling back to normal by then even though I will still be on the antibiotics.
I believe I will be going up to see the relatives for Easter. All of the cousins will be out for spring break the week after Easter. I will be working the next weekend, so I thought I would try to go up for the weekend and possibly a little of that week.
Still haven't heard much about the land we want to buy. I hope we hear something soon.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just My Luck

I will try to catch up after not blogging for a while. Sunday night, I had my first book discussion group at 4pm. Three other women showed up, and it worked out real well. We had a great discussion and I think it will help all of us. We were so into talking that we didn't even take time to snack and someone happened to look at their watch and it was 5:50 pm. Everyone jumped up and ran out, since church services were going to start in 10 min. I told Aaron that next time I was going to appoint him the timer. He said he was about to come tell us what time it was.

Having people over was good motivation for me to clean off our bookshelf in the dining room. It was an embarassing mess. Since I had started adoption paperwork clear back in March 2007 I had just been shoving stuff into the top shelf in no kind of order - it was my adoption shelf. So, I still had all of my Guatemala paperwork, plus copies of Vietnam paperwork shoved in there. I cleaned it out - did a lot of shredding and when I finally finished, the entire bookshelf was less than half full, where before it looked overflowing.

About 16 -20 of us ladies at church play Bunco once a month at someone's house - we rotate. The lady that was supposed to have it tonight, cancelled b/c her son was sick, so since I was well for once, and the house was clean, I decided that maybe I should just do it so we don't have to cancel. So I called everyone on Sunday night. Have heard back from about half, and I don't have any idea how many people are coming. I went ahead and made spaghetti bake yesterday and took it to a friend's house since I had just been shopping and didn't have enough room to keep it in the fridge here. She is going to bake it and bring it tonight.

Back to Just My Luck. .. Yesterday around lunchtime, my throat started hurting a little. It is a little worse today and my head is stopped up. Some of it may have to do with the weather change. Then today, while eating a cherry tomato, I apparently got a rotten one. It was like mush in my mouth and the taste... Ugghhh!!! I almost vomited, I had to talk myself out of it while running to the trash can to spit it out. With a stuffy nose, you are already on the verge of gagging. Oh well, back in the 2 days that I felt like passing out all day with Mono - the worst 2 days of the whole ordeal, I was walking around barefoot and stepped on a flat thumbtack. The thing went clear flush with my skin - and I don't know if this helped or hurt with the gross effect, but my heels are so calloused that I really had to grab and pull hard to get the thing loose.

Anyway, we had a beautiful weekend and went to Joe Wheeler State Park for most of the day on Saturday. We went down to the "beach" and found shells, fossils, pretty rocks, dead rotting beavers, etc. Then we ate a picnic lunch then climbed down some rocks to watch the seagulls flying around while we digested. After that we took a long hike through the woods and saw a ton of deer. Then we ended up at the playground for a long time. It was a great day. Madelyn has been begging to go hiking for about 3 weeks, but with rain, cold weather and sickness, we hadn't been able to until then.
It is naptime, so I better go lie down with Hannah. I need a nap today with this stuffiness, plus I slept terrible last night with all the storming and our weather radio went off twice. Thankfully, there were no tornadoes near us and no damage.
I am looking forward to Bunco tonight, I just wish my head was clear.
Adoption Update
We are waiting now for our dossier to be authenticated. Not sure what all is involved in that , but part of it is translation. I heard from our agency yesterday and even though she had sent it off about a week ago, for some reason it was sent back not authenticated. She said apparently there was a problem with UPS. I know that each delay that is out of our control is just God lining up which child he has picked for our home. But I really want another baby sooner than later. Patience is hard to learn.