Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Working Hard

I was finally feeling better a few weeks ago and it was either rainy or cold, I don't remember, so I put my Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds VHS video in our VCR and it ate the tape. That was the 3 mile tape. So I found the 1 mile tape, thinking the tape was the problem, and the VCR ate that one too. I have one of her run/walk tapes, but wasn't up to jogging. So, I got on ebay, where I have ordered all of her other videos that I have and ordered this 1,2,and 3 mile video using the waist band with these tension "handlebars" that you use throughout the workout. Hannah and Natalie are giving a good demonstration of how to use it.

I love her videos. Unlike all other videos I have tried to use, you don't have to be real coordinated to use hers, and you get a good workout. I finally got the dvd in the mail yesterday. My cough, stuffy nose, and lightheadedness are still here, but getting better today. After supper, the girls and I went out for 1/2 mile walk, they rode their bikes. Then I came in and did the entire 3 mile workout. I am so proud of myself.
I have been going to Weight Watchers and do good when I actually follow the program, but I don't do good when I don't follow it (duh!). I am not making excuses, but this "sick" winter we have had has put a damper on my exercise and weight loss. When I am feeling sick, I have no desire to think of good recipes, or good grocery lists and the last thing I want to worry about is counting points. Maybe I can get back on track this week.
Sunday was hectic. They called me Saturday offering lots of extra money if I would work any on Sunday. So, I worked 7-3. Madelyn and Natalie were in TN at Aaron's parents. Hannah was home with Aaron. He called me about 8:30am to tell me there was a huge fire he needed to go to. So, he threw some clothes on Hannah that thankfully, I had set out for her the night before and brought her to my work. She had on a real pretty dress and tennis shoes. I had failed to find her shoes before going to bed the night before. I called Bertha from church to see if I could drop Hannah off at class and if she would take her home with her after church. She did and I picked Hannah up that afternoon. Hannah loved it. I had planned on going to church Sunday night, but I was very stopped up this weekend and took tylenol sinus while at work and that made it tolerable, but I was so tired and miserable with it by the time I got off, that I stayed home. Plus, Aaron and I ended up taking Hannah and meeting his parents halfway again to pick up the big girls. We really missed them. The house is not the same without them here.
Talked to our adoption agency today. She had called to tell me that requirements have changed and sometime soon I need to get a letter from our local police stating that Aaron and I don't have a record. We had done that already and had fingerprints done for our homestudy, but since that was a year ago, I think we will need a new one. I guess that isn't too bad. The paperwork never seems to end.
Today was Aaron's 9th day in a row to work. Most of those days have been around 12 hours. Lots of fires this week. I know he is exhausted. He got home about 45 min. late today, and that seemed early. Thankfully, this is his short week so he will have Friday off, but then again he was supposed to have last Sat. and Sun. off. Hopefully he won't get called in at night. I am supposed to work 7-11 Thursday night, 3-11 Friday night and 7-11 Saturday night. It will be a long weekend, but when both our paychecks come in a week or so from now, they should be nice. Maybe it will pay for an adoption bill or two.


Hyperactive Lu said...

9th day in a row to work?! how crazy! i wrote you a few emails back. hope you're doing okay today.

Griner Mom said...

sounds like you guys are very busy! I just caught up on your lasts couple of posts. I love the girls "working out"!! I hope things will work out with the land. Also, I definately think you should coach the girl's soccer team, it would be great exercise in itself and your girl's would love it I know!! HOpe the adoption papers will be easy to renew!!