Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just My Luck

I will try to catch up after not blogging for a while. Sunday night, I had my first book discussion group at 4pm. Three other women showed up, and it worked out real well. We had a great discussion and I think it will help all of us. We were so into talking that we didn't even take time to snack and someone happened to look at their watch and it was 5:50 pm. Everyone jumped up and ran out, since church services were going to start in 10 min. I told Aaron that next time I was going to appoint him the timer. He said he was about to come tell us what time it was.

Having people over was good motivation for me to clean off our bookshelf in the dining room. It was an embarassing mess. Since I had started adoption paperwork clear back in March 2007 I had just been shoving stuff into the top shelf in no kind of order - it was my adoption shelf. So, I still had all of my Guatemala paperwork, plus copies of Vietnam paperwork shoved in there. I cleaned it out - did a lot of shredding and when I finally finished, the entire bookshelf was less than half full, where before it looked overflowing.

About 16 -20 of us ladies at church play Bunco once a month at someone's house - we rotate. The lady that was supposed to have it tonight, cancelled b/c her son was sick, so since I was well for once, and the house was clean, I decided that maybe I should just do it so we don't have to cancel. So I called everyone on Sunday night. Have heard back from about half, and I don't have any idea how many people are coming. I went ahead and made spaghetti bake yesterday and took it to a friend's house since I had just been shopping and didn't have enough room to keep it in the fridge here. She is going to bake it and bring it tonight.

Back to Just My Luck. .. Yesterday around lunchtime, my throat started hurting a little. It is a little worse today and my head is stopped up. Some of it may have to do with the weather change. Then today, while eating a cherry tomato, I apparently got a rotten one. It was like mush in my mouth and the taste... Ugghhh!!! I almost vomited, I had to talk myself out of it while running to the trash can to spit it out. With a stuffy nose, you are already on the verge of gagging. Oh well, back in the 2 days that I felt like passing out all day with Mono - the worst 2 days of the whole ordeal, I was walking around barefoot and stepped on a flat thumbtack. The thing went clear flush with my skin - and I don't know if this helped or hurt with the gross effect, but my heels are so calloused that I really had to grab and pull hard to get the thing loose.

Anyway, we had a beautiful weekend and went to Joe Wheeler State Park for most of the day on Saturday. We went down to the "beach" and found shells, fossils, pretty rocks, dead rotting beavers, etc. Then we ate a picnic lunch then climbed down some rocks to watch the seagulls flying around while we digested. After that we took a long hike through the woods and saw a ton of deer. Then we ended up at the playground for a long time. It was a great day. Madelyn has been begging to go hiking for about 3 weeks, but with rain, cold weather and sickness, we hadn't been able to until then.
It is naptime, so I better go lie down with Hannah. I need a nap today with this stuffiness, plus I slept terrible last night with all the storming and our weather radio went off twice. Thankfully, there were no tornadoes near us and no damage.
I am looking forward to Bunco tonight, I just wish my head was clear.
Adoption Update
We are waiting now for our dossier to be authenticated. Not sure what all is involved in that , but part of it is translation. I heard from our agency yesterday and even though she had sent it off about a week ago, for some reason it was sent back not authenticated. She said apparently there was a problem with UPS. I know that each delay that is out of our control is just God lining up which child he has picked for our home. But I really want another baby sooner than later. Patience is hard to learn.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

Sounds like everything is going well. I was starting to wonder about ya. I hope you start feeling better. My throat is aching tonight.... its a gradual thing, but hopefully I can get in bed AND SOON!