Thursday, April 16, 2009

Top is a picture of Madelyn, Hannah, and Lexi. Middle is Hannah and bottom is the kids getting ready to go for a ride.

Lonely and Quiet

The girls left Sunday with the granparents to go on a trip. They went to the grandparent's house Sunday and Monday night. Then left Tuesday for Gatlinburg to go to the Aquarium on Wednesday. Last night, they were close to Chattanooga, planning to see their Great Granny today and then going back to the grandparents tonight, then coming home tomorrow afternoon.

I would like to say that I got a ton of stuff done while they were gone, but I didn't. I worked 8 hours Monday. Then 5 horrible hours on Tuesday. It was a bad evening. So bad, that I had planned to call and see if I could work Wednesday, but decided to take the day off instead.

Yesterday, Mom and I went out to lunch. I got some paint at Walmart for the girls' bathroom (haven't started painting yet). Aaron left work after lunch. We ran a few errands, then came home. He sprayed weeds while I planted our puny tomato plants. I am hoping that being in the sun with room to spread will make them grow. I think they have been the same size for 3 weeks. If they die, I will just buy plants to plant and give up growing tomatoes from seeds. I never seem to get them to grow right.

Our garden is about 1/2 way full and we still have green beans, snap peas, and cucumbers, zuccini and more corn to plant. The peaches that were on the trees before it got real cold last week are bigger this week, so I assume that means that the frost didn't kill them.

Today I plan to plant my green beans and some cucumber seeds outside. Clean the living room and kitchen, balance the checkbook, start painting the bathroom and work 3-7. Guess I should get off the computer soon.

One more note... We had Natalie's party on Saturday. I hate planning for a party and then no one calls to say if they are coming or not. Most of the time no one calls, but we have a good crowd. This time, we heard one yes and one no. Out of 10+ invitations. Sadly, only 2 kids showed up. But thankfully, one of them was her best friend, so she was happy. Aaron and I were disappointed that we bought enough food for 30+ (since most parents stay and bring siblings). Oh well, hot dogs will freeze.
We had a great time. We hiked through the forest. Then cooked our hotdogs and marshmallows over an open fire. After that Aaron drove us down the road for a great hayride, right at sunset. it was beautiful. Then we came back, Aaron took them on another hike and everyone went home. Aaron's parents spent the night, so we all stayed around the campfire until about 9:30.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Aaron and I dropped the girls off early at Mom's on Sunday morning before church and drove 25 miles to have our fingerprints done. We didn't want to have to take the girls into the jail. We have now been to 3 different jails and I think this is our favorite. The first, in our town, only has actual ink fingerprinting. So, if you mess up then there is no fixing it. Our fingerprints from that jail were rejected. Then we redid them at a jail about 30 miles from here in a tiny closet of a room with visitors to the prisoners constantly going in and out, where the police officer would stop and chat because everyone knows everyone and that was a little uncomfortable. But it was the new machine where your finger never touches ink. You put it on a screen and it scans it, shows if it is good enough right then, then at the end, they print the whole card. So, our fingerprints for our homestudy were mailed off today. When the social worker gets them back, she will officially complete our homestudy (for the 3rd time -patient woman) and then send it to us. Once completed, I can mail it off, plus a ton of other stuff to Citizens and Immigration to have our status changed from Vietnam to Russia and get a date to drive at least 1 1/2 hours to have our fingerprints done again for them.
While doing our fingerprints, the young woman told us that she was adopted - by a distant family member. Of how she is all for adoption and how she met her birth mom when she was 18 and immediatly called her adoptive mom to tell her thank you. It was just nice to have some encouragement from someone who has been there.
Don't have time to post a picture tonight. I am going to bed before 10pm.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Here is our dog Princess who we rescued from the animal shelter last fall. She is a good dog. Probably around 8 months old now. She is so big though and still a puppy, which is not good for the girls sometimes, since she plays a little rough.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We went to the Botanical Gardens today. It just took over 15 minutes to load this one picture, so needless to say, it will be the last one for tonight. They have a BIG BUG thing going on right now as you can see. We had a great day, although pale idiot that I am, I didn't put any sunscreen on and am very burnt. Oh well, I will be pale again soon enough. Heaven forbid I ever have a nice tan.
We got there around 10 and went around once with the homeschool group, but there were trails going in different directions that we couldn't see while trying to stay together, so we stopped and ate a picnic lunch, then went back in for another hour or two. Natalie's birthday is tomorrow, so afterward, Aaron's parents took us to McDonald's for ice cream. We then drove home, and I was able to get a nap in during the drive before going to work tonight 7-11. I am working tomorrow 11a-7p. I am glad to get hours in and may actually have overtime this week.
We still haven't gotten our fngerprints done for our homestudy renewal. I hate that and really don't know when I will fit it in. We have to go to the jai l to do it and I don't want to go alone, I don't want to go alone with 3 kids, we really don't want to take the kids at all. Maybe early Friday morning before coop, but then I will have the kids with me. Normally, parents aren't allowed to leave their kids at coop, but maybe if I give the director my cell phone to call in case of emergency, I could do it kid-free. Aaron could go Saturday, I am working then.