Monday, February 25, 2008

A beautiful day

Well, it has turned out to be a beautiful day today. The sun is out and it is warm, or at least I think it is in the high 50's. It has rained so much the last month, that between the rain, the cold and sicknesses, we have been in so much. I feel like maybe a lot of my catching sickness is due to being unhealthy, and not exercising as much. So, since we are feeling good today, I packed up the 2 bikes and the wagon. We drove over to the park and the girls rode their bikes, while I pulled Hannah in the wagon. She has never rode her big wheel on a trail as long as the one we were riding - probably a little over a mile. It was very nice to get out and about.
I stopped on the way to drop off Madelyn's money from the Girl Scout cookies she sold. She sold a total of 91 boxes. Her troop has sold over 2000 boxes so far and still may have another cookie booth sale next weekend.
It is good for Madelyn to have her own thing. I lead the Daisy troop here which has a total of 4 including Natalie. We meet every other week at the same time as the Brownie troop. Next year, Natalie will move up to Brownies and the leader of the Brownie troop this year is already trying to recruit me for next year. I will be a coleader for sure, but am not planning on being too depended on, since, Lord willing, we will be headed to Vietnam sometime during the 2008/2009 school year, and whenever you add another baby, life gets hectic and a little disorganized until you find a pattern again.
Back where we lived before here, I started a discussion group that met every other week. I read the book Created to Be His Help Meet, and loved it and decided that it would be a great discussion group. So, after much thought, I have decided to start one here too. At first I was hesitant and truthfully, wasn't looking forward to it. It is a little contraversial and I guess being sick and all lately, I just didn't feel like more stress in my life. But I finally decided to just do it and sent out 8 or so invitations. I started with 2 people I knew I was going to invite and had been praying for a few months as to who to invite if I did start one.
One lady that I sent the invitation to - whose name I got as a suggestion from someone else I had invited - and I didn't even know her -emailed me last week. It was awesome to see God working and let me know that it was God pushing me to start a discussion group even though I really didn't feel like it.
She said she had been having some marriage problems, and that a few weeks before, a friend had mentioned a book to her, but didn't tell her the name. She got my invitation on a Wed. night and she already decided to come, and thought how it was perfect timing, etc. The next day after getting my invitation - less than 12 hours later, she recieved the book that her friend had mentioned to her weeks before and guess what book? Of course it was the one we are planning on studying.
Aaron mentioned last night before going to bed "I hate making breakfast and packing my lunch" Doesn't it seem that the mundane things of life that have to be done get so old? Oh well, that made me realize that I really need to get on the ball and get up with Aaron whenever I can to cook him breakfast and pack his lunch. I love doing it for him, and once my feet are on the floor, I am awake, but it is so hard for me to get out of the bed. Last night, I sat the 2nd alarm for the time when Aaron gets out of the shower and actually woke up before. I love our time together in the morning. Usually it is kid free, but Hannah got up at the same time today. When I work, it is usually 7-11 or 3-11 pm, so those mornings after that, I sleep in until the kids wake up, but there is no reason other than my own laziness to not get out of bed in the early mornings if I haven't worked the day before.


Griner Mom said...

So glad you guys are feeling better!!! And, that you have had some nicer weather! That's great about Madelynes cookies. She has been busy! I hope your bible study group goes well!

Hyperactive Lu said...

You are such a good wife and mother! I hope you're getting better!