Friday, February 15, 2008

Dossier Update and Sick Again

Their were two documents that needed to be fixed with our dossier. I heard back from our agency on Tuesday. Wednesday night at church I was able to get our notary friend to notarize the corrected papers. So, I sent one to the agency, and I sent the other one to the state to be state certified and on the return envelope, I went ahead and put our agency's address so it will go straight to them. Hopefully it will be there by the end of next week, and then our stuff will be on it's way to be translated.
Aaron stayed home with Madelyn from church on Wednesday night b/c she has this weird rash. I thought it might be impetigo and that is contagious. I started putting neosporin on it on Thursday and she continues to get new spots as the old ones heal. So, kept all 3 girls home today from their weekly 3 hour classes that we go to every Friday. Much to their disappointment. Today was Aaron's normal Friday off and so I was able to take Madelyn to the doctor alone. The less hands touching doctor's office stuff the less germs we bring home. I couldn't find my purse size alcohol soap, so I took the pump one. If any of you know me, I am a tiny purse carrier, so this thing of alcohol scrup was sticking out about 3 inches above the top of my purse and periodically in the waiting room, I would scrub our hands. I am sure the moms in the waiting room actually letting their children play with waiting room toys and read waiting room books during flu season thought I was a bit much. But when you have taken home more than a prescription from the doctor's office too many times, you get a little obsessive with the hand soap.
Back to Madelyn, she does have impetigo and the doctor decides she wants to see her throat. I had told her Madelyn, Natalie, Hannah, and Aaron have all had bad colds over the last few weeks. So, she sees a spot on her tonsil and decides to do a strep test and sure enough - it is positive. I am so glad we didn't go to school.
I think I am finally getting their cold. I am running a low grade temp. but am taking ibuprofen and dayquil and that makes it slightly tolerable.
About 3-4 weeks ago, Aaron and I were looking at a few houses since we are still renting after moving here a year ago. Well, we really want more than 10 acres, and the houses we were looking at were less than 5. After 10 years of marriage, and 4 states, this is probably the first place we have lived where we might actually afford land if the right price came up. We live in a very rural area. I love it!!! At one house we were looking at, I mentioned to the realtor, that we really wanted more than 10. She told us that she knew a guy wanting to sell 20 acres. The price was awesome. That was a long time ago and we know where the land is, and have seen it from the road - kind of.
So, in the meantime, we stopped looking at houses, hoping that we might be able to buy some land and build a small house with a basement where we could finish the basement as we get more money. Finally, tonight the realtor called and the owner said we could go and walk the land with the realtor tomorrow. I will most likely feel horrid if today is any indication of tomorrow, but still, maybe it will be good enough land that we can have our tiny farm after all these years.


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Anonymous said...

It's funny that what I can remember the most about all the doctors' visits as a kid is playing with the waiting room toys. Anyway I can understand the issue with letting kids play with waiting room toys, but the truth is everything in a waiting room is probably covered with germs, not just the toys. How often do you think the chairs or the tables where the magazines are cleaned? Not to mention the magazines themselves. Then there's the fact that many of the illnesses are airborne to start with meaning even being in the room increases the potential of getting sick