Monday, February 11, 2008

Dossier on it's way!!!!!!!!!

Dossier on it's way!!!! Finally, finally, finally!!! My last paper finally came back on Thursday. The Sunday before, I had made copies of all of our dossier except that one paper. Thursday afternoon, went and made copies of that piece, organized our dossier in order, finished our picture papers and took it Friday afternoon to UPS to mail it. It should be there on Tuesday. I am so happy and it is such a load lifted off my shoulders. I should have our number on the GIRLS waiting list by Wednesday.
I am really hoping that all of our documents look good and none of them need to be redone. Now we wait...
And we need to make the decision as to whether to take the 3 girls on our trip across the world. I know we probably have more than 12 months to travel, but if we do take the girls, we will need to work on passports and possibly some preventative shots before we go. Aaron and I have already gotten half of our Hep A shots that they recommended for Guatemala and Aaron is working on his Hep B (I got mine in Nursing school). If we do decide to leave them, then it will be 2+ weeks without them. I can hardly stand the thought, but we may need to plan a few weekends away at the grandparents for practice. Then I think about 24+ hours of traveling with 3 kids, then 2 weeks in a foreign country with a 4th child we are just meeting and I get nervous. I guess I just need to pray about it and see how much money we have by that time and how much God provides. More updates to come later in the week.