Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hannah and Me!

Hannah started running a low grade fever on Wed. night, so I stayed home with her from church. Then by Thursday afternoon, she was running a 102 fever and complaining of her throat hurting. I tried to get an appt. with her doctor, but he was closed on Friday, so I took her to the walk in clinic about 25 miles from here. The nurse was unable to get the throat culture, but since it looked like strep, the doctor went ahead and put her on the antibiotics.
I woke up with a head cold yesterday morning and am still a little stopped up today, although it I am thankfully feeling better by the hour. We were supposed to leave for our relatives in TN yesterday morning, but due to the strep, we had to put it off. Aaron's parents called and offered to meet Aaron halfway and pick up the older nonsick kids. So, last night Aaron drove 1.5 hrs one way to trade our kids for the Christmas presents we left at his parents house because we didn't have enough room in our car back at Christmas time. He got back around 9. I thought Hannah would be upset, but she was happy to stay with me(we didn't tell her where they were going). Then Aaron got home and she asked if he brought Madelyn and Natalie and we said "no, they are spending the night" and she was ok with that. Didn't even ask where they were spending the night.
Now it is Saturday. Aaron had to work today and just called at 4:45 to say he was going to another fire, so it may be a while before he gets home
Hannah has played good by herself or with me all day. We just took a walk. I pulled her in the wagon for 1/2 mile and she wanted to ride her big wheel, but I think that is the ibuprofen talking. Now she is watching her movie.
I am proud of myself for getting the dining room clean and I cleaned the books off of our plant table that has served as a lousy bookshelf since we moved. The books won't stay on it and it has been a mess. I asked for bookshelves for Christmas and we got 3 from Aaron's parents, and just got them last night, since we couldn't carry them home in December. I am debating as to whether or not to get one out and attempt to put it together. Now that I stacked all the books from the plant table on the floor it is even messier in the classroom. I can hardly stand to go in there.
I brought the plant table into the dining room and put all the plants that the girls and I planted last week on that instead of sitting on the floor. Looks much better.
The 20 acres we were wanting to buy is getting more complicated as we go. It may not go through. I am trying to not get discouraged with it and know that eventually we will either find land we can afford to build on or a house with the land that we can afford.


Hyperactive Lu said...

Girl! Bless your heart! I'm complaining about how sick we've been off and on, but you've really got it. I am so sorry that you're down and out with the sickies again. Thanks for your emails. Hope y'all have a good Easter!

Paulo J said...

i'm glad to hear you both are doing better. thanks for the congrats! it's definitely an exciting time.