Sunday, November 2, 2008

This morning I stayed home from church with Natalie because she has a horrible cough and a fever. She says her throat hurts, but I think it is more from the cough. Hannah has complained of a sore throat all afternoon, but no fever yet. I am sure I will be making the trip to the doctor for Natalie in the morning.
Yesterday, we had a ton planned. Work called around 8:30 wanting me to work 11am to 7pm. We decided I would go in and that left Aaron to do the running with the girls. Madelyn's soccer party was at the skating rink at one and we had some free passes for the other two, so he took them there. Unfortunately, Natalie was starting to feel bad and he didn't realize it until he was already there. He said she laid on his lap almost the whole time.
There was a birthday party at the church building at 6, so took Madelyn and Hannah and dropped Natalie off at Mom's since by then she was running a fever. I got off work about 7:10pm and went straight to the church building to relieve Aaron. We stayed at the party long enough for me to eat some pizza for supper, then we left and dropped Madelyn off at a Halloween party that all the kids were invited to, but I decided to just leave Madelyn. I asked what time to come back and pick her up and the mom said that she would meet me in town around 9-10, she would call. Hannah, Natalie and I stayed at Mom's apartment the whole time waiting, and finally at 10:45 I called to let her know I would just come get her. I was so tired. But she was fixing to leave, so she met me in town and we got home and went to bed.
Natalie had a tiny cough and a fever of 100.4 for about 2 hours on Thursday, so I went ahead and scheduled an appt for her and Madelyn at 8am Friday morning. Madelyn has poison ivy pretty bad on her legs and on her face. Well, Natalie didn't run a fever at all that morning so I just had the doctor look at Madelyn and they all got the flumist nasal spray, and since Natalie wasn't sick we all went to Friday coop a little late.
Princess the dog is doing so good. She did poop a few times in her cage, but I wonder if it wasn't from the antibiotic the vet put her on that gave her the diarrhea. We have a tiny porch off of our kitchen that has walls around that are around 2-3 ft tall. There was a nice big doghouse left by the previous owner, so we cleaned it out, put it on the porch and at night, we put the kiddie gate across the steps into the yard and that keeps her safe from coyotes, neighbors dogs, and whatever else might show up at night. When she gets full grown we won't worry about gating her in so much. I feared she would yelp all night, but so far she doesn't. I put her out there at night, lock the gate, and she will stay out there and sometimes when she hears us in the kitchen in the mornings, she will whine in excitement and I will open the gate for her. I am so glad that we have a sweet dog.
I stopped having the Ladies' lunches at church in May I think. Where we would eat once every other week for lunch on Tuesdays. Well, I had planned on continuing that through the summer, but stuff would come out, then we closed on the house and I had so much packing and stress with the well. So, I finally scheduled it for Tuesday and now I have 1, possibly 2 sick kids, and I don't know if it is just from thinking about it, but my throat is a little sore. I hope I get to go.

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Griner Mom said...

Catching up on all my posts and it looks like you guys have been busy yet again!!! Glad all your pets are doing good. How is the adoption going? You'll have to update me on your status.