Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It is actually snowing here and has been for about 2 hours now. Looking at the ground, you can see that it is starting to stick. Hannah is asleep, but Madelyn and Natalie are out playing in it right now. I thought it had to be below freezing to snow, but it is 41 right now. Shows what I know.

Aaron has been doing prescribed burns the last 2 days and was supposed to do one today too. I guess the snow may put a damper on that. Monday night he didn't get home until about 6:30, which is almost 2 hours late. I was a little worried and kept my cell phone with me while we took a walk, just in case he was broken down, but he was just kept late. He is such a hard worker and I am so proud of him. Then last night it was 6pm and I still hadn't heard from him. I was getting a little nervous since I had to leave for work at 6:30pm. I couldn't get him on his cell phone and was going to start calling friends to watch the girls until he got home, if I could find someone. Thankfully, he called about 5 min. later and made it home with 10 min. to spare. His clothes are so smelly when he gets home. A mixture of old campfire smell and gas. Not a good combination. I can't stand for his clothes to be in our room after he takes them off, they go straight to laundry, but he somehow manages to smell it all day. I think I would be sick.

I didn't get to sleep until after 2 am this morning, after getting home from work last night late. I am tired and tried to sleep with Hannah, but couldn't go to sleep. We got up this morning and the girls were wanting to go to the local donut store in town for breakfast. We hardly ever go and I had some errands to run. Better to get them done at the same time and also, they were predicting freezing rain this afternoon instead of snow and I didn't want to get the girls out in it. We first went by the store to get 2 gallons of milk, stamps, and little milks to take with us to the donut shop to drink in there. Then we went to get donuts. They love that little shop and usually when we go, we are the only ones in there. The owner has it decorated in lots of little trinkets and the girls love to walk around looking at them.

After leaving there, we went to the courthouse to get another adoption paper county certified. I am waiting for our homestudy to come back from the county it was notarized in and when it gets here, I can put both documents in the same envelope to have state certified, then wait for the capital to send them back. The mail has already come today and no homestudy, so hopefully, it will come tomorrow.

After the courthouse we stopped by the library to pay a fine and to check out some books. I can't stand not to have a book to read in my downtime. I found 4 and will probably read them all by next week. The past few years, I think I have read probably 100 Christian fiction books, and that is no exaggeration. I love the Christian fiction based on history. I have actually learned a lot about history from these books and it has increased my interest in history which was pretty nonexistant before.

I also wanted to check out Lion King if they had it, and they did. We let each girl pick out a souvineer to bring home with them. Each picked out out a Disney baby animal. Madelyn picked out Dumbo, Natalie -Winnie the Pooh, and Hannah picked Simba. Hannah thought it was just a baby cat and I realized that as far as I could remember, she hadn't seen Lion King. Plus, she asked me about 100 times what her lion's name was. So, she watched it today, and maybe now she will remember who it is.

We came home and did part of our schoolday before cleaning up the house a little and putting Hannah down for a nap. Then comes the snow, and since it is a rarety here, I am letting the girls play in it a while.

Hope you enjoy more pictures from our trip. It takes so long for them to attach to the blog page, that I can only stand to do a few at a time.


David, Samantha and Kaori said...

I enjoy reading hisorical christian fiction books as well. Have you read Liz Curtis Higgs? I read them recently and enjoyed them very much. Hope you get your homestudy soon!

Griner Mom said...

I love all the pictures and can tell you all had a wonderful time. It looks the girls were the perfect ages for this kind of trip. I like to read too when I can find the time and really like Francine Rivers. what do you like the best?

Andy said...

Can't believe you got snow! So unfair!!! We had a few snowflakes! That's it though! Love the pics! Hyperactive Lu (on Hubbie's account!)

Paulo J said...

Karen, thanks for the comments. It was great to be in the States, and now it´s great to back in Madrid. Your pics are wonderful, and I´m so glad you´re all doing well & had a great time in Disney World! A big hug to the girls from me. :)