Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Room pictures and new additions

I am going to try to get the captions to match the pictures.
Here is the picture of Madelyn's purple room.

Next is a picture of the pink that Hannah picked out. We will have to wait until it dries completly before we add Natalie's blue to the other walls. I took the girls to a lady's house who was giving away free kittens. She had a whole bunch, a lot of different ages. I let the girls pick out two new kittens. The gray one's name is Smokey, and the other's name is Stripey.

I emptied 2 boxes of kids' books, and 3 boxes of kitchen stuff while Aaron was painting the pink trim today. I have a meeting tonight at 7 for the coop teachers at our school that we go to on Friday. I am teaching a high school class from Dave Ramsey. I really don't want to drive 25 min. there tonight, but don't really have an excuse not to go, so I guess I will.
Madelyn is complaining a lot less today. I don't think the antibiotic has had time to work, but I think knowing what was wrong with her has taken a big weight off her mind. She apparently was really worried over the weekend, wondering what was wrong.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

love the rooms colors!!! and the kittens are too cute!