Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Wait for the House is Over!

Closing went very smooth today. We had to take the girls, I couldn't find a babysitter, but they did real well. I took them some new coloring books and they were very quiet. Thank you all for thinking and praying for us. I think once it hits us, we will be thrilled.
I think that it hasn't registered that the house is ours. We went over there today after closing and spent a while. It was great to be there without a realtor following us around the house. We walked through the orchard area and I took a basket to pick some fruit. That part was a little disappointing because all the beautiful plums that were there a few weeks ago had dried up or fell off. We did find another apple tree with sweet, little yellow apples. We found the fig tree which had a lot of ripe figs on it. There were two peach trees that had a ton of tiny unripe peaches, so hopefully they won't dry out like the plums before they mature, and we also found 2 black cherry trees.

We hiked around all of the property that was cleared (although needs to be bushhogged badly) and down the road area that goes into the woods. We were walking down the middle of the driveway and I felt what I thought was weeds tickling my leg, looked down screamed. The creature flew off and I thought it was a grasshopper, but Madelyn said, "no, it was a spider" Sure enough, there sat the huge wolf spider, bigger than a half dollar. I am terrified of spiders, I had to mentally calm myself down. Right before we left, Aaron said "look at that spider that crawled into the garage. So, I got out and looked. Wow, it must have been the other one's great granddad. It was about the size of a tarantula, but skinny, not fat and hairy.

We ended up missing church tonight. We got in the car and Madelyn saw a few ticks on her. These are the tiny kind that are about the size of a pinhead. Very hard to see and pick up. They all ended up complaining of the ticks the 5 mile drive home and when we got home, we probably spent 30 min. in the bathroom, combing over the kids entire body looking for these tiny ticks. Aaron counted the ones he pulled off Natalie. Grand total from Natalie? 32 I don't think Hannah was far behind. It took forever to get the things off. I probably had about 10 from my knees down on each leg. Gonna have to do something about the tick problem here.

I have posted pictures of Natalie and Hannah making biscuits for breakfast yesterday morning. I measured the stuff, Natalie stirred it together, then I kneaded it a few times and they took it from there. I did all the oven work, but they rolled them out and cut them and rerolled. They were real good.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

The fruit on the property sounds wonderful!