Saturday, December 6, 2008

To feed Natalie or not to feed Natalie..that is the question

This bug has lingered for 5 days now, and only 2 of us have had it. I am feeling much better, actually made a trip to the store and the video store today and ate 2 meals, but I am still not back to normal.
Poor Natalie who got it 4 days ago has been feeling bad off and on, only to get worse in the last 24 hours. She threw up once Wed. night. Then has been lying around off and on since. I thought she was getting better.
Our original plans for last night was for Hannah and I to watch the parade, and for Madelyn and Natalie to ride with Aaron (as Smokey the Bear) on the float. However, Natalie hardly got off the couch yesterday afternoon and complained of vague stomach problems. So, we decided it best for her not to be stuck on a float from set up time 6:30pm to 9pm. I can just imagine the bad memories that would come for her, Aaron, and the parade watchers if she decided to be sick from either end.
We are so lucky that the last leg of the parade route goes right by our church parking lot. Last year, Hannah and I watched it from there, instead of the festive square, along with about 5 other people, too far away to recognize. I had mono at the time, and was barely able to carry the chairs from the van to the sidewalk. The parade route is so long that it started at 7pm and didn't get to the church's road until about 7:50.
So, we got there about 7:10, Hannah was asleep and Natalie felt horrible, and I wondered why I got out in 27 degrees anyway? Being next to our church and being that I have a key, I opened the teen building, carried Hannah in and she slept on the couch, while Natalie watched the Disney channel, and I watched out the window, waiting for the parade to finally make it to us. When it did, I ran to the car, got out the chairs, 2 blankets, 3 pairs of socks(for our hands) and my cape, woke up Hannah, and we set up on the sidewalk to watch the parade.
Hannah didn't want to move because she was cold and I had her covered up. Natalie didn't want to move because she felt horrible, so it was up to me, who looks like a cow in a cape to swoop down and pick up all the candy that the people keep throwing at us. We were the ONLY people on the block watching the parade, so it was like they did it all for us. We stayed until the end, b/c the end is so exciting. Horses galore. I remember last year, they just kept on coming, so this year I decided to count, and I am sure I missed a few since, most were trotting by, it was the end of a very cold parade, but I got 124. 124 horses. WoW!
We left and my gas light was on, and even though it is not even 9pm, I knew the two gas stations we pass on the way home would be closed, so I drove into town further to get gas. We get there and Natalie says "are we here to go to the bathroom?" I say no, why didn't you go during the 2 hours we were at the church building?
Something made me stop filling up at $10 and head home. Maybe the sound of Natalie's voice, I don't know. We got home probably 15 min. later, and I thought Natalie was asleep, but she got out of the car and another blessing... the door was locked and it took me a minute to get Hannah out. Because Natalie ended up vomiting right outside the door. I am so glad she didn't make it in. And there you go. Another Christmas parade memory in the books. Mono 2007, Stomach Virus 2008
Night #4 on the couch. I slept out there again with Natalie and while I was sick. Now before you think Aaron is bad for banishing me to the couch... If I asked him to, he would go, and I sleep so good on the couch and he sleeps terrible on it. When you have kids, you realize even more that it is a very smart thing to try to keep at least one adult well.
Back to the title of the post. She is hungry, but she got sick again around lunchtime and 30 min. later wanted food. It is so hard to look at your already skinny minny daughter who hasn't eaten much in 3 days and deny her food. So, we are taking it slow and hopefully she got rid of the last of it today.
Aaron is over at Mom's apartment. (she is out of town) We have lots of sick sheets that need to be washed and there is a football game on, so I he decided to go do the laundry since all he can watch here is kid's movies. I hope, hope, hope that no one else gets this, because it lasts so long.

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