Friday, November 16, 2007

What we've been up to...

It has been a while since I posted. Life is good. Let's see...I will start today and go backwards. Today was the last day of coop classes that we have every Friday until January. We didn't miss any Fridays this semester. Which I will say "Thank you God for our health!" I think Hannah missed one day for a 2 day fever.
On Wednesday, we took a day off for a field trip to an American Indian Heritage day. It was about an hour away from here at a government owned place. When I signed up, I had to give the names and ages of all of us coming. Then they sent us a map and a letter, telling us to bring a photo ID, our car tag receipt, and proof of car insurance, and be ready to have the car searched. Well, luckily, we didn't have to go through all of that. This place is real big, I mean miles big, the directions were "drive 2.3 miles, then turn L, then 3 miles, then turn R, then 4.5 miles etc. All that was after going through the guard gate. Well, I made a wrong turn and ended up off the property and had to go back to the interstate and start all over. Luckily there was a different guard at the gate when we got back around.
It was a lot of fun, and to quote Natalie "this was the funnest day of my life" There were lots of American Indians dressed up, and others showing how to make flint knives, throw spears, there was a mud hut, huge tee pee, samples of Indian food, crafts, etc. But the best was the Native dancing which was excellent. One guy was the 2007 champion ring dancer. Of course they did lots of loud Indian drums and chanting into microphones, which made it very loud. As we were walking to it, Hannah of course, completely lost it freaking out. I must admit, to a 3 year old, they probably looked and sounded terrifying. I ended up having to carry her to the circle to sit down, screaming. Luckily, the singing was so loud, I don't think anyone heard her. Then all 8 of the dressed up Indians started dancing right toward us (we were at the far end) I kept on pointing out to her that there was a girl about 8 or so dancing, so they couldn't be all that scary. She settled down and wonder of wonders, for the last dance, they asked for volunteers and Hannah raises her hand. Madelyn and Natalie were too scared. So, Hannah went out there with about 30 other kids and they all joined hands and danced in a circle, weaving in and out. I was so proud that she overcame being terrified so quickly.
There was also a life size robot that talked to the kids and moved around on a base with wheels. He was pretty funny. The guy controlling it and talking to us was really good. He just paced back and forth behind all of us like he was just another visitor.
I forgot the digital camera, so all I had was a disposable and don't have the pictures yet.
Still working on the Vietnam dossier. It is coming together fast and I hope to have it done by December.

Monday night was our Thanksgiving dinner with our homeschool association. Madelyn has been taking drama for kids, so she was in a short little play. She was an angel and we only got a picture of her before. There were so many people there, and our camera only took black pictures from as far back as we were. She didn't have any speaking lines, the group of 7-8 angels, just periodically got up and sang a song. We were able to hear them, but we heard nothing of the rest of the play. It was fun to watch her and I am proud of her and told her many times how good it is that she gets up in front of people even when she was scared. My estimate is there was probably at least 250 people there, but I am not that great at estimating.


David, Samantha and Kaori said...

Busy as always it looks like. Hope all is moving along with your paperwork.

Griner Mom said...

You guys have been busy. I figured you must be and that there would be a big post coming up. I'll look forward to seeing the other pictures too. You are a great teacher and the kids seem to be doing so well! Happy Thanksgiving! Ashley