Monday, August 4, 2008

One of Those Days

Awwww! Isn't she so cute?! She probably never gets into any trouble. DO NOT be deceived by the sweet, innocent face. I think I will call her "the Instigator" . In my family growing up, it was my older brother Michael. Oh the misery that one person put into my life. I don't know if he terrorized Eric, the oldest, but his mission in life was to make me insane, all the while feigning innocence with my parents.
Back to Hannah. I grew up with a brother who thrived on picking at me to the point of me taking and taking and taking, then I would finally explode in anger. That would get me in trouble, all the while my brother laughing that it worked once again. My parents used the useless phrase "just ignore him, he only wants a reaction from you" Well, that may be true with someone you don't have to live with, but when you have to be around a person 24/7 who loves to make you cry, it is hard to ignore.
That being said, I am very sensitive to siblings who pick at each other. I know how it is to be helpless, to know that you can't win either way. Either you are a tattler when you tell on that sibling, or you take and take, then you explode and since your parents didn't know, or didn't care how much you took, they think you are overreacting to a minor irritation.
On the opposite side of the coin, I cannot stand to hear the whine "Hannnnnaaaahhhhh, Stttttopppppp!" So, I have had to give the older two a way to deal with it, rather than put them in a no win situation. I told them, tell Hannah once, in a non whiny voice, to stop whatever she is doing. If she doesn't stop, come tell me, in a nonwhiny voice that you have tried to deal with it on your own. If you whine or don't come to me, then you both get into trouble. I think that has been a insanity saver for Natalie. The first few weeks after this announcement by me, she came to me all the time, and Madelyn, just a few times. I guess Hannah is tired of not getting away with her tormenting ways.
Now I will say to negate some of this negativity, she is a very sweet girl and I love her very much. Does that one sentence make up for the paragraphs before it? It will have to do today, maybe tomorrow after I have slept off some of my annoyance.
Here is a picture of Hannah sitting like a bird in the "nest" that she made out of pillows and chairs.
We had to go to the larger town about 25 miles from here today to register for Friday classes. I got the ads out of the Sunday paper yesterday and decided since we were going to be in that town, we should hit all the deals.
This morning, we started by going to CVS here in town and getting the colas that they had cheap. I was out of conditioner, and we go through a lot with 4 people with long hair, so they had some on sale, then more money off for 75c. So, I got about 5 and when I checked out, they came up 99c. Somehow, in the 10 min I spent shopping, from the time I got the conditioner to the time I made it to checkout someone came around and took off the 75c stickers. (I checked).
Then we drove out to the animal shelter to check on prices and just check it out. They ended up having an emergency call about a injured dog and had to close up, sending us away.
We came home and I gave the girls showers, ate a snack and got them ready to have their pictures made.
We drove to this larger town and first went to Walmart to get the pictures done. I thought I was going to have to sit through all the expensive package choices, even though I always just take the $7.99 package. Thankfully, someone came up and so she sped me through.
Then we went to Staples and spent a while finding the cheap deals in the ads, and then they didn't ring up as cheap as they were supposed to, but they were still really cheap, so I got them. I was in line and the people in front had a problem. So, there ended up being about 6-8 people in each line. They finally opened up another line and she says "I'll take the first few people in that line" I bent over to pick up my basket and before I even stood back up one lady just tore over to the other line. It was almost comical how rude she was. Then everyone else went over there. I tried a few more minutes in my line, but then gave up and ended up checking out behind everyone that was behind me.
Off to Walgreens where I had cut out about 8 coupons of really cheap stuff. Of course, I only found 1/2 of what was advertised. Apparently, they had run out of the other things.
After that we got lunch and went to the school to register. We were there about 45 min. until they called our names. They had one room open with toys, so the kids got to play while we waited. The girls got the classes they had wanted. Madelyn will be taking Science, Art, and Reading to Remember. Natalie will be taking Science, Safety for Kids, and The Story of the World. Hannah will be in the preschool class.
Our last stop was Aldi's which had milk on sale for $1.99 a gallon. We got 4 gallons, plus a few other things, then headed home. Whew! What a day!
We got home about 15 min before Aaron, so I boiled some water and started the spaghetti while the girls cleaned the dining room, and I cleaned the kitchen.

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Oh my goodness! I am exhausted seeing your list of things that got done!