Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moved In

We finally got all of our stuff moved out of the old rental house on Friday. I worked from7-11 that morning. Apparently, I was not even on the schedule for Friday or Saturday, so when they called asking me to help on Friday morning, I was able to leave at 11. Aaron did a good job getting the last of the stuff out of the last two rooms.
We have not run out of our well water yet!! that is exciting. We still haven't gotten it tested. I think I will stop by the health dept. today to pick up our jug. At first, we had lots of tiny rock sediment. Once, while washing my hair, the water turned almost black with sediment, and the tub was always grayish black after the showers, but today, it was clear.
Yesterday, Aaron and I went to Lowes to find some items to fix minor things. I really didn't want to go, but since Aaron was very stopped up and lethargic with his cold, I figured it was safer if I drove him. It is 29miles away. While we were there, Mom called -she was home with the kids, and said the washer was overflowing. So, I told her how to turn off the well, and when we finally got the mess cleaned up, and Aaron got the washer taken apart, the tube in the back was full of rock sediment. I guess we used our washer too soon. So that meant a trip to the laundrymat to wash 3 loads of towels. At least the dryer works.
Our landline phone is supposed to be turned on today, so right now I am at the library on the internet. Hannah is in preschool storytime.
We are planning a trip to the town 30 miles away where we have our Friday coop. That will be 3 trips there this week if we count Friday. I still haven't went to pick up my curriculum to teach on Friday, so that is priority today.

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David, Samantha and Kaori said...

My goodness, you guys are taking on a challenge! Good for you! Hope you get your water worked out soon.