Monday, September 8, 2008

Water water in the well, and not a drop to drink

Someday our well will work, I keep on holding on to that thought.
When our well water level gets down to a certain level, the pump will kick off and we have to reset it. That happened a few times last week, but we did have an extra person here.

Friday, it wouldn't reset.
And there hasn't been water through our pipes since. We called the well digger and he just blamed it on too little water.
Then we went and bought a 65 gallon tank, filled it up with water at a friends, put it in the well, Aaron measured down to the waterlevel, and it was 30ft from the top, meaning there was already quite a bit of water in it before Aaron added the other water. The well is sealed off, but there is a small hole you can add stuff to it.
Called the well digger again and he said that he wasn't coming out to check on the pump until we had an electrician come out to make sure the right kind of wiring was put out there. (the electrician is coming this morning)
Our well digger is a nice man and I think he probably brings to mind our 3 little girls waterless and feels guilty, so he calls us for the 4th time last night to say he was coming Tuesday morning to check.
I am really hoping that maybe the electrician will see the problem and be able to fix it today. We have a 1 year warrenty on our pump, but I really don't want to wait for a new one.
In the meantime, we have lived like the pioneers. To an extent at least.

Aaron had a genius idea a few weeks ago, before our days of rain, to put out these huge barrels to collect rain water just in case. So, that has saved us. We have lugged that water in gallon by gallon, boiling it to wash dishes in, boiling it and putting a little bleach in to rinse dishes. Trying to live off of paper plates as much as possible.
Pouring it in the back of the toilets so we can flush.
Boiling it and then putting it in the big pot in the tub to take "baths" in. More like washing, then rinsing with the water.
Last night, after church, I drove back into town with the jeep and filled up the 65 gallon tank at a friends house, since our barrels are almost empty. Thankfully, our driveway goes up a little at the end. We had to hook the hose onto the big tank of water, turn on the spigot, and walk to the bottom of the hill with the pot, so that gravity will take the water down to your pot.
But you know what... In all of this, our needs have been met. We haven't had it as easy as we usually do. But we have done just fine. Yes, I am still going to pursue getting water from the well to the house.
I'll add pictures later.

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