Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lots and lots of rain here. Our pond beside our house that was empty when we moved in has been full for a while now. When it reaches a certain level, it goes through a culvert under our driveway and down down into the forest. That is where the girls love to play. Aaron made a bridge out of a piece of wood and they cross their tiny river and he also worked on a 1ft water fall for them also.
Yesterday was so nice and spring like. We got up and went to our Friday classes for the first time since before Thanksgiving. The girls were real excited to see their friends again. We got pizza on the way home and ate at Mom's, then I came on home with the girls. It was so pretty, I told them on the way home that they could either play outside or come in and clean. So they played outside. We have been stuck inside so much because of all the rain.
This morning, raining again, and I took the girls down to the church building where the Brownie troop was meeting to go 40 min. away to a cookie selling party to start off cookie time. We came back home with Hannah and cleaned a while, then I went to the store for a few things and picked up the girls.
They spent most of the afternoon at mom's.
I worked 12 of the 16 hours I was scheduled for this week. I called last night around 6 (15 min. before I needed to leave) to see what the census was. It was 12. I couldn't believe they hadn't called me to tell me not to come in. So I called the supervisor to see if I was scheduled. First she said no. Then she looked again and apparently they had spelled my name wrong and anyway, they didn't need me and I had to stay home. Glad I called and didn't drive 10 miles into town to get sent home.
Worked 7-11 tonight.
Found another couple in town that are adopting internationally. I am excited to possibly have a friend in person that can relate to an extent to what we are going through.

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