Friday, January 23, 2009

Why can't I sleep?!!!

You would think that the more tired you are, the better you would sleep. Apparently not.
Working evening shift while your family is living in day shift has it's rewards and it's downsides.
Reward #1 When I go in at 7, I only miss about 1 hour of family time, and when I go in at 3, I only miss 5 hours, rather than 9 hours if I work day shift.
Reward #2 I get paid a few dollars more an hour.
Reward #3 We don't have to pay a babysitter since Aaron is usually home while I work. (sometimes I might pay Mom for a few hours until Aaron gets home.
Downside #1 I get home between 11:30pm and 12am, have to wind down and somehow go to sleep.
Downside #2 Even though I don't go to sleep until around 1am, I still have to get up with the kids who have been in bed since 8 or 9. (Usually around 7:45am at the latest)
Downside #3 If I work one night, then have to go back the next, that requires me lying down to take a nap since I hardly got any sleep the night before. Thereby taking away some family time.
Downside #4 I MISS AARON. We hardly see each other when I am on a working binge.

I think I am running on adrenalin. I worked a total of 35 hours the two weeks before this one and got a whopping big check today, which then helps to make you not so tired. Of course after writing all the checks, it is very quickly dwindling.
I worked 4 hours Tuesday, then I called yesterday afternoon to see if they would let me work 3-11 last pm and they did let me, then I got home around 11:30, took a bath, prepared for our coop classes, went to bed around 12:30 and didn't get to sleep until around 2am.
Then I woke up with Aaron's alarm at 6am and again at 7:15. Went to coop, went to Aldi to get milk while we were close (milk is only 2:69 a gallon there) then got to Mom's around 1, ate lunch and laid down for about an hour while she watched the girls.
We came home around 3:30 and work had called to see if I wanted to come in at 3 again. I decided to pass since I am still pretty tired. Aaron is getting home 2 hours late, so he will be here about 45 min. before I have to go back to work 7-11. I am working 3-11 tomorrow, then I have Sunday off. Yipee!!!!
That is a total of 24 hours this week and I am signed up for 20 next week, which will make an even bigger check in two weeks. I just try to tell myself that every shift I work gets us closer to being able to start our adoption from Russia.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

Ugh! Sounds like such a rough schedule. But I know you can do it and it'll be all worth it when you hold the newest baby girl!