Wednesday, January 7, 2009

toes in my back

Aaron is fully recovered- pretty much. Just a little bruising and soreness left. He did much better than we thought and didn't even fill his prescription for the strong pain meds.
I worked 7-11 the last two nights and it has been busy. They want all the RNs to have ACLS which is Advanced Cardiac Life Support. I have never been certified in it and they offer a few classes a year.
I went to sleep around 12:30 am this morning after working 7-11.
I set the alarm for 6:30am and was planning on getting up, taking a shower, dressing the kids, dropping them off at Mom's and making it to work by 8am.
Aaron has a cold and slept on the couch last night where he could prop up.
Somehow, Hannah can sense when there is an empty spot in our bed, and shows up.
At 2:30am this morning. Normally, Hannah is not bad to sleep with, she moves minimally and doesn't dig under or kick like the other two. Except for all this morning, where she would not keep her little toes out of my back. Constantly, I would push them over, she slept through it all, and pretty soon, I would have toes digging in my back again.
I woke up hearing Aaron's alarm clear in the living room at 5:20am. So did Hannah and Aaron sent her back to her bed.
Before he left at 6:45, she was back in our bed asleep, digging her toes in. Somehow sleeping, her body in a 90degree angle bent at the waist.
Needless to say, I decided not to go to the pre-ACLS class that started at 8am. I hadn't signed up anyway. But then I awoke at 7:10, slightly more refreshed, called Mom to see if she could make it to the house by 7:45.
She came over and I barely got out of here in time to make it to work by 8am. Dreading 6 hours of classes that I didn't want to take, after sleeping a very broken 6 hours, I found the teacher.
Who promptly said that if I was the only one who showed up, she wasn't going to waste her time teaching it to one person.
No one else showed up and she rescheduled. Don't know if Mom will be working then and I won't have a babysitter. Oh well, I tried and that is all I can do, right?
So, I came back home. Did a little school before lunch. We just ate lunch and the girls are playing. I think that I may not make it much longer before I have to lie down. Hannah could probably use a nap too.

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Griner Mom said...

CAtching up on your posts!! So glad that AAron is ok and was not hurt too badly. Wow!! What a fall!! We have been getting a lot of rain too and are ready for some sunshine. Glad things are going well!