Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Natalie

Hard to believe, but Natalie turned 6 last Wednesday. Yesterday we had a birthday party for her at the skating rink here in town. We had a great turnout and I am including some highlights of the party. After the fun, of course, Madelyn and Hannah want their birthday party there too in September. It was so nice to have the party at a place other than our house. We didn't have to clean before to be presentable, or afterward to be livable. We bought the cake and ice cream and coke came with the party for 10 kids.

All in all a good, but exhausting day. Hannah didn't take a nap on Saturday and she actually did pretty well without one, but then we had to wake her up for church Sunday morning. We didn't have enough time to take a nap between church services and the party, and then after the party, we didn't have much time before church services again. At one point, Hannah was lying on her belly on one of the skate table/bench/octagonal things at all skate rinks, in the sleep position. So, at church last night, I made her sit with us instead of going to class. She wasn't too happy about it, but we had a dinner to stay for and she was already cranky. She ended up falling asleep around the first song and slept until church was over. For her first time in real skates she did really good. They had the wheels tightened to where they hardly spun, so really it was like walking arond with heavy boots, but she was real proud of herself.

Natalie goes all out when she skates. She got her skates tied and took off running on the skates. She falls a lot and gets up and keeps on going. There is no slow skating for her.

Madelyn, as always, is a little more cautious, and after a few minutes of warming up, I think that she was faster than Natalie. She did really good too, and it is amazing to see how much better they get each time we skate even though we only go about twice a year. Hannah found a few friends and I thought it was so cute seeing them skating together.

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