Thursday, April 17, 2008

More good news

Got an email from our adoption agency stating that there have been 3 girl referals this week!! So that unofficially puts our number down to 12. I am so excited, and trying to calm myself, knowing that it may be 3 months before another referral. Two referrals were of 10 month old girls, including the one in my previous blog, and the other one was of a 2 year old. Just in case it keeps going at this pace, and I hope it does, I hate waiting, I need to start working on the girls' passports. I also have to get a letter from our police department stating that we haven't been arrested since we got our fingerprints done a year ago. I hope we don't have to do fingerprints again. I hate going to the jail. I can't take the kids in (not that I would want to), and the police, although very nice, are not really into adoptions, more into criminals, and in a small town with 3500 people, they probably don't do much adoption paperwork. Ohhhh, just when you think the paperwork is done,here comes more, and I think that when we accept a referral someday that we will have more paperwork. I don't mind filling out papers too much, the real pain comes when I have to get it notarized, then I have to go to the courthouse to get the notary - county certified, then finally send that to the state to have it state certified.
In other news. We are still waiting for a man to do the perk test on the 18 acres we are trying to buy. I'll spare you the long story. Anyway, I think he will be able to get it done and if the perk test is satisfactory to us then we will buy the land. In other words, if we don't have to put in an engineered septic tank, which I hear is really expensive. I am planning on calling him tomorrow to see how it is going.
I worked 7-11 Tuesday and Wednesday night, so I am a little tired. I got home last night around 11:30, not sleepy at all. I got on the internet, took a bath, went to bed around 1am. Still awake around 2am, and probably woke up 4 times during the night. I got up around 7:15, 10 min. before the alarm was set. I dropped Madelyn and Natalie off with a lady from church who was taking them, along with her 5 hear old granddaughter to the nursing home where her daughter works. They sang songs for the residents at the nursing home. Hannah and I went to the store and then went to church and prepared for our every other week ladie's dinner at church. (Cathy B. if you are reading this, would that be biweekly, or does biweekly mean twice a week. What word means every other week? )I thought we would have more show up, but actually had less. I changed it from Tuesday to Thursday, because a few people have stated that Tuesdays are bad for them, but none of them showed up today either, so I think I may change it back to Tuesdays.
After 4 weeks off, we are finally going back to coop tomorrow for a few more weeks before then end of the semester. The coop took a 3 week break and then last week, Natalie had strep throat, and the thing about the coop is that a parent has to stay or make arrangements with another parent to be responsible for their kid, so I couldn't just drop Madelyn off. But I never told the girls that we were missing coop. What they don't know will save my ears from a lot of complaining and whining. I am trying to decide if I want to teach a class next year. I have gotten some info for a Dave Ramsey class for teens that would last all year and it would be mostly watching the video, then projects. If it is as easy as leading a regular Dave Ramsey class, then I may do it. If I don't actually teach a class I will at least be a classroom helper. Right now, all I do is sit in the gym reading on the bleachers, which I love to read, bu 3 hours on the bleachers is a pain in the rear. Sometimes, I have been asked to sit in when a teacher's assistant called in and one time I actually taught the 4-6th grade PE.


Hyperactive Lu said...

yippeee! you're moving up! well, down i guess, which is great!!!

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

Great news about the quick referrals! I hope they keep coming!

Anonymous said...

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Cathy said...

Hey Karen - Actually, "biweekly" can mean twice in a week, and it can also mean every other week. Go figure. I had to look it up, because I thought it only meant twice a week. So you were right!

P.S. Thanks for the boys school magazine thing - you didn't have to do that!