Monday, April 28, 2008

Need Prayers

Ok, there has been another snag in our adoption process. As you remember, we started our homestudy to adopt from Guatemala way back in March of 2007, then we got onto the waiting list in September, only to be told in October that the program was closing and we weren't going to get a referral before the closing date. Then we changed to Vietnam and we finally got on the waiting list a few weeks ago.
Back in January or so, when I was working on our dossier, our agency told us that Vietnam might be closing it's adoption program in September, but as long as our dossier was registered before April something, I don't remember, then they would honor that and even if the program closed in September, they would still let people adopt. As long as their paperwork had been registered.
Got an email Friday night from our agency stating that now, Vietnam has decided that unless you have a referral by September 1st, then they will send your dossier back and no adoption. We were told last month that it would probably be at least 12 months before we get a referral, and as anyone can count, there is only 4 months to September. We are awaiting a personal email or call from our agency this week to let us know our status and get more info. So, it has been a depressing weekend for sure. Aaron and I are running out of countries to adopt from and we would like to stay with our agency since we have a lot of money invested with them. It is not our agencie's fault, this has to do with the countries and Aaron and my having picked countries right before they closed. (unknowingly)
So, right now, Aaron and I are praying for a ton of referrals and maybe we can actually get a referral before September 1. If we don't get a referral, I don't know where we will go from there. I won't give up, I know God told us to adopt and I know that it is all in His plan. I have gone back and forth. from Is God using this all for His timing so that we will adopt from another country? Is our child in another country other than Guatemala and Vietnam and that these two countries were just distractions so that we would end up in the right country at the right time? Or, Is God wanting to show His power here and He wants us to pray like crazy that we get to the top of the referral list by September, just to show how even though it is against the odds, that He is in control? I don't know except for now, I am just going to keep going like we will get a referral by September, and pray that God's will be done.
The thought of starting over again with a 3rd dossier for a 3rd country with no baby yet is sooooo depressing and overwhelming and irritating, but I have to look at the end result. If it brings our child into our home, then it will be worth it, and we will be thankful that things turned out they way it did.

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