Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Perk Tests and other things

About 2 weeks ago, I spoke with an older man - 70 to be exact - about doing a perk test for us at the acreage we are wanting to buy. So, he agrees to do it and says it will be the next week (last week) before he can do it. Aaron speaks to him before meeting him out there last Monday evening after work and the man expresses how old he is, and how his knees are bad and if you can't just drive up to where we want the perk test, he didn't know if he could haul water that far to do it. By then, we had already set up an appt. Now I had given him a map of the property, told him where it was, he had driven by and I had shown him were I wanted it on the map. The owner of the property (realtor's dad) showed up on his 4 wheeler with a water tank to help the old man, but he wasn't ready to do it Monday. Long story short, I didn't hear from him all last week, so I called and left a message Saturday. Called back Monday morning, and the guy hadn't even been back to the property. I truly think he forgot. He said again "If I can find the property again, I just don't know if I could get back there so far into the property with all that water" We were waiting for the perk test to see if we would buy the property. So, I told the realtor, who had given me his name. She called him and then called me with a new perk test person. I talked to him yesterday and he seemed nice (young- which is definately a perk when doing a perk test!) I told Aaron that he mentioned having a two year old and Aaron said "let's just hope it's not his grandson" Anyway, this guy is supposed to get it done this week.
I know it may seem like a conflict of interests to be buying land from our realtor's father, but in this small town, we have learned that you can't really avoid family connections. Pretty much every patient that comes into the hospital here is related to someone who works there. And it is strange, but about half the land or houses for sale aren't listed. When we first moved, people would tell us about houses for sale and where they were. I would ask if there was a sign in the yard, and the person would say "oh it's not listed" there wouldn't even be a for sale by owner sign. This is how we found this land. It isn't listed, and neither was the 20 acres we were looking at a few months ago. We were looking at a listed house with our realtor, mentioned that we would love acreage and she brought up the 20 acres, then this 18 her dad had. Her dad has a friend with a bulldozer who was close to the land last night, so he had him bulldoze us out a driveway to get to where we want to build. He did a really good job, and it is more exciting to see it a little more livable.
Still haven't heard from our adoption agency about our new number. Maybe she will call today. I was looking at prices for trips to Vietnam and back last night, just to check. We may not be able to afford taking the girls. The prices for a year from now were about $1200 each, but in a few months from now over $2000 - Yikes!!!

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