Monday, May 5, 2008

Pretty Girls

I thought the girls looked especially pretty yesterday - all ready for church.

We had a good day yesterday. We went to church services in the morning and came home, ate lunch, the girls played outside for a while, then Aaron, Hannah, and I went and took a nap while Madelyn and Natalie played on the computer. We went back to church early last night for a meeting to plan for our VBS this summer.

I am hoping to be busy this summer like last summer. We went to 3 different VBS's and a week at camp. It is nice in the summer to break up the days especially if Aaron is on a fire and out of town. Something about staying in the house from dawn to dusk, without Aaron coming home from work to break the day up - makes for a very long day. Last summer, it was hard when Aaron was gone. The girls and I had gone to camp on Saturday, Aaron called on Friday to say he was leaving Saturday to go out west, so we sped home Friday evening and got to spend about 12 hours with him before he left town for 18 days. So we got to spend about 12 hours with him in the period of 26 days. But thankfully, both weeks he was gone, two churches in town had their VBS and that helped pass the time while we missed him.

This summer, I already have 2 VBS's on our calendar and that doesn't include two of the churches we went to last year. I am very seriously considering going back to the camp that we went to last year. Last year, I was camp nurse for the Jr. High week. This year, I hope to go to the 1st and 2nd grade week as a counselor. I haven't called the director yet, but plan to do so today to see if he needs a female counselor. I don't really want be the nurse again.

I spoke to our adoption agency last week, and she urged us to stay where we were and to hope and pray that the person that is in charge in Vietnam decides to honor what they had said back at the beginning of the year. That everyone with their dossiers in by a certain date would eventually get a referral even if the adoptions close in September. Hopefully, we will get a referral even if Sept.1 comes and goes. She said that the dates weren't set in stone right now, and to not give up hope yet.

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Renae said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I hope your adoption speeds up. All that waiting must be difficult.

Peace to you,
Life Nurturing Education