Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sick kids

We had a good weekend. I don't have any new pictures. The batteries on our camera go dead all the time. That is one thing I have to buy before the adoption is a new camera that actually doesn't need new batteries every other day. So annoying.
Aaron's parents were here over the weekend. I worked 7-3 Friday, but actually didn't get done charting until 5pm. Which is very unusual for me. Normally, if I have a bad morning and don't chart as I do it, at least I can chart in the afternoon, but rarely am I there late. Needless to say, I was questioning my abilities by the time I left that day. It was bad. Aaron's parents were here When I got home and knowing they were coming and I might be working all weekend, I went ahead and bought a bunch of easily prepared food for Aaron to cook. I have ended up not working since Friday, although they have called me twice since.
Natalie woke up with a sore throat/fever Sunday morning. Her good friend at church had strep throat, so I assumed that is what it was. I was going to take her to a walkin on Monday, but couldn't find one open, so I decided to just take her to her doctor yesterday> Well, he and his wife (the other doctor) are on vacation until the 9th. We drove to the nearest walk -in about 25 min. away. It was so full, I had to park around back, so I called from my car to make sure the crowd was for the actual walkin instead of the doctor's office next door. They were already full, so I drove to the other one on the other side of this town and we went there. I left the house at 8:40 and didn't get home until 12:00. What a morning! She didn't have strep, but her lymph nodes were swollen and he gave her some antibiotics, saying she had pharyngitis. She woke me up about 5:30am burning up with fever again, so maybe in the next 36 hours, the antibiotics will kick in. Madelyn started complaining of a headache and sore throat last night. Still no fever this morning, but this is how Natalie's started. Aaron's parents were considering taking the girls home with them for a few days, but Natalie's sickness changed their minds.
I sent me and the girls' applications in for camp yesterday. The girls don't want to go unless I do, and since it is 5 hours away, I don't feel comfortably leaving them for a week. So I applied for a counselor job for the 1st and 2nd grade week. It is the last week in July. I have 4-5 weeks to get in shape. It is 5 hours straight south from here and sooooo hot and humid. And if I am a counselor instead of the nurse like I was last year, I won't have air conditioning. But I really don't want to be the nurse for that age. I didn't even mention it to the director of the week that I was a nurse. I suppose if that is my last choice I might do it. If they already have enough counselors and a nurse, I told them to not sign up the girls either. We already have 2 VBSs planned to go to, and that doesn't include 2 of the churches we went to last year.
Our cat is about to pop with kittens. Yesterday I made her a bed that is partly covered, that I am hoping that she will have the kittens in. We'll see. She checked it out. She has been a homebody the last few weeks. She used to go on walks with us, but now she just watches us walk away. It rained all day yesterday, so she sat in the garage looking out, and it has already started today. Anyone have any way of telling that delivery is imminent? I really want to watch. If she will let us. I never had cats growing up. I will be sure and post the pictures when it happens. Got to get some more batteries.


Hyperactive Lu said...

Oh no. More sickies! I hope everyone heals quickly!

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

Camp sounds like fun! Hope you get to go.