Monday, May 19, 2008


Yesterday, the girls came running in saying there was a snake in the back yard. Aaron had just left for Walmart, so I yelled for the girls to bring me the shovel. I thought it was a copperhead, and was too scared it would come back to just let it go. I wacked it a few times with the shovel, but I guess because it was on top of a tiny pile of leaves, it didn't hurt it. It was just biting the shovel like crazy and finally slipped down into our window well. I stood there waiting forever for Aaron to come back home. And when he did, he correctly identified it as a corn snake. I felt bad for trying to kill it. So we took it out and turned it loose in the field behind our house. He seemed to recover well from the wacks with the shovel.
No word from the adoption agency last week, other than they are supposed to be having another conference this week to discuss the closing/keeping open of the program. Keep praying that they let us have a referral. There have been two boy referrals this month, of course that has nothing to do with our number on the list which is still 11.

Last Friday was our last coop classes for this year. The girls have really enjoyed them. Madelyn was in a play "Peter Rabbit" that she had started working on in January. She had a speaking part and did really well. She loves performing and even though she gets a little nervous, it doesn't keep her from doing it. I don't think they are going to offer a drama class next year, and I am sure she will be disappointed. She was Flopsy. She wanted Aaron's parents to come watch, so they drove down early Friday morning, watched the play and then drove back after we went out to eat for lunch. They had some old friends in town that they had to get back to.
Saturday, there was an Indian Festival about 15 min. from here, so we went to it for about 3 hours. There was a lot of Indian Dancing. Hannah wanted to dance with them from the time they started. We went to a different Indian Festival back in the fall and she got to go out there and dance with them then. So, finally, the last song they did, they invited people to come out there with them. Madelyn and Natalie refused to go, but Hannah ran. She went up to the "scariest" looking Indian who was dressed in a Warrior outfit and apparently wasn't scared at all. It was cute.

After watching them dance, we went to the tiny ampitheater where there was a little girl singing song after song. Thankfully, I had brought our cooler full of drinks, because we had only brought $6. We used $5 to buy 2 hotdogs and 2 chips that the girls split. I had also brought a box of granola bars which we all snacked on earlier. Aaron noticed that they were starting the Civil War reenactment where we had just been, so the girls and I stayed and watched another girl sing song after song after song, while Aaron went over to watch the reenacters alone. The girls were fine with that I think, because they kept shooting cannons off and it was so loud, even across the pond, that you couldn't help but jump every time they did it. While waiting for Aaron, Hannah began to get very whiny, and therefore causing me to have a meltdown. Just kidding! -Although I was very ready to leave by the time that Aaron got back. We went home and spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy, then the evening we played outside with the girls. Mostly badminton and frisbee (or crispy as Madelyn used to call it)

Sunday was church and I actually cooked a roast in the crockpot starting Saturday night. Sundays are so hard to plan lunch because we are usually starving when we get home from church. Even with cooking the roast, I still had to cook side dishes to go with it after we got home. Many Sundays we succomb to the pressure and just go get fast food. I actually soaked some beans this morning and have them cooking. Cooked some cubed steak and have that cooking in the crock pot. I am fixing to make some cornbread, and some mashed potatoes. Won't Aaron be surprised? When we lived in SC, I cooked all the time. I was always trying new recipes and I actually made lunches and desserts and sold them to people that worked in this doctor's office. But for some reason, since we moved, I have lost my heart for cooking and poor Aaron, who people used to be jealous of because he got to eat so good all the time, is now yearning for the old days. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I just can't get into it. I am trying I miss Krogers. Here, we have two "family" owned grocery stores. and a Super Walmart. Aaron brought up a good point about it. That I have to go to 2 different stores to get a full fridge. I don't know if I have ever bought ground beef at Walmar that didn't have some kind of hard peice in it. Gag! So, I buy nonground meat there, but usually end up going to one of the family stores for most of my meat, but everything else is so much cheaper at Walmart. I even had a dream the other night that I happened down a road that I hadn't been on yet since living here and found a Kroger. I was so excited to tell Aaron when he got home. Pretty sad when you dream about an old grocery store that you used to love.


Hanley Family said...

That is so funny about the snake! I can see you out there pounding away, fearlessly defending your family from the venomous corn snake. :) I'd probably do the same. I once ran screaming from a bull snake, thinking it was a rattler.

I like garter snakes, so long as I'm sure what they are.

Hope the adoption works well for your. I've never been through it, but all the waiting seems like it would be the hardest.

Principled Discovery

Hyperactive Lu said...

sounds like you've been busy!