Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend in Review

Took the girls to their weekly coop classes on Friday. It lasts from 9-12 and usually, I sit in the gym on the bleachers the whole time. I normally take a book to read, or write letters, make a grocery list, anything to pass the time. Sometimes, there are other moms there who are talkative and that really passes the time if there is someone to talk to. Since it is getting towards the end of the year people have been putting curriculum and books out to either sell or give away. I got a free book on homeschooling since I forgot a book this time. Thankfully, I grabbed it early b/c I was asked to go sit in on the chess class. Talk about excitement. It was 7th 8th grade boys and there were only 4 of them. They were very well behaved and nice. The rule is that there has to be at least 2 adults in every class. I told them that I didn't know how to play chess and had probably played twice in my lifetime. They said the adult in their class didn't know how to play either, she had to read a book. I thought that was funny.
I decided since I had been extra lazy with my work last month(I only worked 12 hours) That I needed to get on the ball this month. So, I worked 7-3 Saturday. It is a change to go from evening shift to day shift, but nice. Nice to get up early and be home by 4, instead of when I work 3-11, I get up at normal time, try to get a nap in, and then leave for work after being awake half the day. Then not get home until after 11:30. I like day shift b/c it helps to stay on a better sleep schedule, but when I work evenings, I feel like I miss less family time. I leave for work at 6:30 at night and the kids start going to bed at 8.
They begged me to work at least 4 hours on Sunday, so I agreed to work 3-7. It was a tiring weekend b/c we were up untl about 1am Sunday morning. After getting up at 5:30 am Saturday morning. There were terrible storms coming through and I was wanting to stay up at least long enough to watch the major danger blow over. We put the girls to sleep in the hallway in sleeping bags, which they found exciting. Whenever the weather radio alarms, Hannah says "are they going to save us?" She asked where Aaron and I were going to sleep since the hallway was full. I told her our bed, and she was like "but what if a tornado comes and gets you and then we won't have any parents any more" It was sweet and sad at the same time.
After Aaron got home tonight, he challenged me to a game of badminton after supper. So, after warming up with the girls on our team, where Madelyn does pretty well as long as she doesn't have to move her feet, and Natalie has the same underhanded swing no matter how the birdie comes over the net and I just know that someday, I will get it on the chin from her wild swing. (we are normally on the same team, they fight over who gets to be on Aaron's team. I don't know why). We have got to get another racket for Hannah to carry around. Oh, Aaron beat me 15-5. We really don't know how to score badminton since we left the directions that came with it out in the rain, so we just scored like we were playing volleyball. I'll beat him next time.
Only 1 person signed up for our biweekly ladies' lunch tomorrow. Now, normally about 3-4 people sign up, and last time< I think only two people signed up, so on Monday, I spent a bunch of time calling around and sure enough, we had about 8-9 people. But I had already spoke to a few regulars on Sunday that couldn't come and with only one person signing up and me calling the other regulars who can't come, I decided to cancel. I hope no one shows up tomorrow, but SIGN UP already. Of course if people can come at the last minute and didn't sign up, I want them to come, but it is so hard to plan if I have no idea how many are coming.
I scheduled a Tastefully Simple party at my house for June 6th. I hope to have a good group for that. I am supposed to meet the consultant in a few weeks to get the invitations to send out. I went to a party at my sister's in law Cathy a few years ago and loved the product. It was a nice little party too.

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