Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Our cat Duchess, finally gave birth last night. I was disappointed that the girls were not here to see it after waiting so long for them. But, they are at Aaron's parents for a few days. Anyway, I had marked on my calender for her to give birth on the 3rd, so I was only 1 day off. Madelyn has been wanting a orange cat forever and one of them is orange, but of all the kittens, it is the one I worry about. I hardly ever see it eating unlike the others. I hope it makes it for her sake. So, if you want a kitten in a few months let me know.
We took the girls up to Aaron's parents Saturday night, getting there after 9pm. We got up the next morning and went to church. Aaron and his dad came home and started working on cutting down 3 trees in his parents yard. It ended up taking until about 4pm. I had been hoping to get home in time to attend our church at 6 pm, but didn't get home until after 8. I worked 7-4 on Monday, then Aaron got home about 4:30. We went and got Taco Bell for supper, then mowed the yard. By the time we were done, we realized the cat was in labor. I moved her into the laundry room, so I wouldn't have to watch in the garage and it was pretty exciting for me to get to watch. Aaron wasn't quite as thrilled. Needless to say, I got nothing done that evening on the house. I had these grand plans to work and clean like crazy while I had no kids around to distract me or to mess up one room while I am cleaning another.
On a sad note, last Friday a wreck was all over the news, where there was a police chase ending in one person getting killed. They hadn't released a name and since it was an hour away from here, I didn't think anything about it. Well, we got home Sunday night and had a message from a friend from college and the innocent person killed in the wreck was a guy Aaron and I had gone to college with. He was in his car when it was hit by the druggies getting chased by the police. He and his wife were on the same mission trip that Aaron and I started dating on, when we went to Mexico in '96. They started dating that same week. They have 2 little boys ages 3 and 6. We went to his funeral this afternoon. It was very sad. We were able to see some people that we hadn't seen since graduation 11 years ago. It was like a reunion of the Christian Student Center. We left at 1100 this morning and didn't get home until 5 or so, so were were gone most of the day. I have the kitchen clean and that is it. I have had a killer headache all day - a combination of sinus and stress from a funeral- and with the pain medicine, it is still not going away enough where I feel like cleaning away. So much for a clean house when the kids get home - Aaron's parents are bringing them home tomorrow, I don't know what time. I miss them, the house is not the same without them. So quiet.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

so sorry about your friends in the wreck. how awful. especially with kids so young. cute kittens. we're moved in. hope you have a good weekend.