Monday, June 16, 2008

Perhaps there is hope! Number 10

After a depressing talk with our caseworker last week about the adoption status, I was pretty much saddened thinking that we were going to have to wait until September 1 to even know if we even had a chance. I guess I didn't realize that the date of decision as to whether to continue adoptions with the US was that day. I thought that the decision was being made right now as to whether to let adoptions continue after September 1. Anyway, I was not expecting, after that phone call, to even move up on the waiting list before September 1, but good news today... they had a girl referral, which means our number should be down to 10. There hadn't been a girl referral since April, when there were 3. There were 2 boy referrals last month. Maybe, there will be more soon. I sure hope so.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

Yipppeee! Wow! I hope this speeds up. I can't imagine the unknown!