Monday, June 16, 2008


Tonight was our first night of VBS. Aaron and I are doing the story of Abraham and Sarah. I greatly underestimated the number of children I thought we would have. I made 10 copies of our papers, and at the last minute, decided to make 10 more, didn't have time to finish cutting out the other 10 and still didn't even have enough. And that was just the 4year olds and kindergarten. It was wild. There was barely enough room in our room for them all to sit. Plus the fact that about 1/3 of them wouldn't stop talking the whole time, I almost lost my voice trying to read.
I would never attempt to be a teacher. I know, that technically, I am since I homeschool, but to have to take charge of others' children. Yet to not be able to discipline. That is a bad combination. There were a few tonight, that while I was trying to be the character of Sarah, I kept on having to stop to tell them to hush. Therefore, because of the obnoxious, rudeness of a few of the students, the rest probably have no idea what Aaron and I talked about. And that was proven when they got them into the auditorium, they asked the 4/5 year olds who they learned about and who did they shout out? Moses. Finally, someone came up with Abraham and the leader asked what Abraham did and the answer the kids came up with? "sat by the tent"
I was observing a few boys, who were in ages 5-8 or so, just running full speed in the church building while adults were telling them to stop. The kids would say "ok" and never slow down a bit. Not one ounce of respect for authority. One 5 year old came around the corner full speed and plowed over Hannah, got up and ran off, never apologizing while she sat there crying. Makes me so glad that there are only 3 nights left, that I am getting an older age group to teach each night, and that I am not a teacher full time. How can any adult think it is ok to not teach their kid to listen when an adult is talking? I think much of it is pure laziness coupled with busy-ness on the parents part.
Truthfully, in a classroom setting, I have no idea how to deal with it. I know how to deal with it with my own kids, and my own kids respect authority. I watch them when they don't know I am watching. When at VBS or in class and the teacher is trying to talk, 99% of the time, they are sitting there at attention - some of the few that are. But that respect starts in our home. And if you don't know how to get your kids to respect you, then go to the website that I have "advertised" on my blog. And you know what, even though we are strict with our kids - they are happy, well adjusted, outgoing, get along well with adults and with kids their own age, and enjoyable to be around. And I know I am biased, but still, after a night like tonight, with 3 more to go, I have come to appreciate the harvest of respect and obedience that we started sowing in our children when they were very young.