Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mortgage Headaches

Yesterday, I knew that we were going to look at the house that we almost bought a year ago. I also knew that we wanted to make an offer on it last night. So, I called about 5-6 mortgage places/banks to get the preapproval before even one talked to me or called me back. I spent much time on the phone with him, giving him all the info he needed. I still hadn't heard back late yesterday afternoon, so I call and it was supposed to be finished last night. They never called. So I called this morning and it is supposed to be finished by tonight. And guess what... they never called. So.... irritated that I needed this approval letter, I called a few more, only to get voicemails, then finally filled out the info online for the one that Dave Ramsey endorses and waited until this afternoon to hear from him. He never called, so I called him and he hadn't received the info yet, but was able to look it up. He needed some documents faxed to him, so I tried on our handy dandy (crappy, trashy, worth 1c fax machine/printer) I wasted our money on last year. Of course, after 30 min. trying to find the documentation he needed, I finally tried to fax, only to be denied twice and to be told their was a paper jam, when there was no paper in the fax. Meanwhile while all this is going on, don't forget that I have 3 kids that want to be "fed and watered" constantly, interrupting. Sad to say, I finally got to the point where I told the kids, each kid about 3 times, "if you don't want to be yelled at, then don't talk to me" I had something that I had to drop off at the realtor's office anyway, so I packed up the kids and took them with me, with strict instructions for their behavior in the office, and had the paperwork faxed from there. And the kids were good too.
I had called Aaron just to lament the way things were not working out. At that point, I realized the only thing I had to make for supper was meat loaf that would require an hour to cook or I could take care of the mortgage business, and Whaaaaa, what to do?!!. He said he wasn't that hungry anyway. How sweet. So, we stopped and did a quick runthrough of the grocery store on the way home from the realtors. And now, I am counting the minutes until 8pm when the first of the kids will go to bed and the noise level decreases by 1/3. The stress has given me a headache.
We did make an offer last night and now are waiting to see if it was accepted. I hope this doesn't draw out forever. The girls and I are leaving for camp on Sunday. Maybe we will know something before then.
About the property. Just a little since I don't want to spend a ton of time describing if we don't get it. It is a white siding house on 14 acres. Up on top of the "mountains" they have here. It backs up to the national forest. I was able to walk the few acres that were cleared last night with the girls while Aaron walked the uncleared acres with the realtor. There are peach, fig, pear, and apple trees, a barn and a spring fed pond. I will post pictures and more if we get it. Hope we do.

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