Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Artists

Monday evening we went to the Art Fair at our coop. There were probably 30 entries. Mom rode with me and we dropped off the 3 pictures at 4pm. Judging wasn't until 5:30pm and Aaron was meeting us there at 5pm, so we went to Aldi. I came prepared with a cooler with some ice. I was barely able to fit all of my refridgerated stuff in it, but it was less than 40 outside, so it stayed good.
Got back to the Art Fair. When it was time for judging, they sent all the adults out in the hallway and let the kids stand by their art if they wanted to so the judges could ask them questions. I thought the judging would take around 15 min. Well, an hour or so later, they finally had placed the ribbons and were ready to hand out the results.
In Prek/K , Hannah came in first place with her drawing of Natalie holding an apple in each hand, standing next to a flower. (she was the only entry in this age group)
In 1st and 2nd grade Madelyn came in 1st with her picture of two people looking at a princess. and Natalie came in 2nd with her picture of Hannah and her picking apples on top of a flower covered hill.
There were 6 entries in Madelyn and Natalie's age group. I was proud of them and they were excited to get their ribbons. I felt sorry for the kids that came and stayed there for sooo long waiting and didn't win.
We went shopping for cameras on Friday and the one we picked out was out of stock. So we left and I will probably go again soon to find one. I hate not having a camera!
Our tractor made it here safe and sound on Monday night. Aaron had time to come by the house, pull it into the barn before coming to the art fair. I know he is dying to try it out, but it will probably be Saturday before he gets a chance. It barely fits in the barn.
I worked3-7 pm last night. I probably would have stayed if they had asked me, but they didn't so I assumed that everything was under control. Then the supervisor called at 9:30 as I was crawling into bed, to see if I wanted to come in. I told her I had just left at 7( which she didn't realize), so I went on to bed.
Worked 7-11 tonight and am fixing to go to bed now.

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