Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, I am finally putting at least one picture on the blog. We will see how many I will get on here, since it takes FOREVER on our dialup. I actually waited about 10 min the other day and it finally loaded, I hit the wrong button and whoosh, gone. So, I gave up. I will probably end up taking the camera over to Mom' s, loading the pictures onto her computer and adding them there.

We took lots of pictures of the pretty blooming trees on the land. The first picture I am loading is of Madelyn sitting the the "bridge" Aaron made over our "creek". It is really just overflow from our pond. When it gets to a certain level, it goes into the culvert under our driveway and down, down into the forest. Madelyn and Natalie have loved playing in the creek, but I have to remind them ... "that pretty clear looking water in the creek, just came out of the nasty, algae covered pond 10 feet away" It is actually springfed when there is a ton of rain. About 100 feet uphill from the pond is a little area where water bubbles out of the ground. Pretty neat.

I am caught in the cycle of work, work and more work. I am very torn between Dave Ramsey's Gazelle Intensity and spending time at home and my guilt over working so much. Madelyn is really giving me the worst guilt trip. I feel bad, but I see the end of our debt in site and it is hard not to just sign up and work whenever they ask. And they have been asking a lot. There are at least 2 day shifters on Medical leave, so that leaves a lot of openings.

I worked 7-3 yesterday, then agreed to come in 1-7 today for a pregnant lady, so she didn't have to work 12 hours (On a side note, can you imagine working 12 hours while pregnant? I refuse to work 12 hour shifts now, I put in my share of them)

Anyway, I called right after church and she said they didn't need me, so I stayed and ate the potluck dinner with Mom and the girls (Aaron had a funeral to attend and left early). Then went to Mom's to await the time for a wedding shower, and they called me at 1 saying they did need me after all. So I went in 3-7.

Once this picture loads, I am off to bed, so I can get up, have school in the morning and then go back to work from 3-11. If this picture would ever load. It has been about 10 min. now. I actually have a library book to read while waiting it takes so long.

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