Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is Coming

It was sooo nice last week. So hard to do schoolwork while it was 70 something outside. I think it is supposed to rain more this week, but maybe we will have a pretty day today.
I only worked 8 hours last week. So hard to go into work when you can walk around outside. I was hoping to work this past weekend, but I didn't.
Friday we had normal coop. Aaron took us and dropped us off, then went directly to his doctor for a checkup. We had to get paperwork filled out for our homestudy update from our doctor's, so that is what he was doing. I am mailing it today, along with our financial statement and then our social worker can finish the homestudy. Still paying off debt so we can start again. But once we have the homestudy done, I can apply for some adoption grants.
After coop, one of Natalie's classes had a field trip to this Cooks Pest Museum. It is really a nice place, free. So we didn't get home until around 3:30 on Friday afternoon. The girls spent the night with Mom so that Aaron and I could get up early Saturday morning and go to an auction at a tractor place here in town. Aaron and I rented a couple of movies.
My headache started then, so that put a little bit of a damper on the weekend.
We went to the auction in the rain. I had bought some waterproof hiking boots the day before, thankfully. The mud was ankle deep in some places. We stayed about 3 hours, but didn't feel comfortable bidding on anything, so we still need a disc and a plow for the tractor.
I ended up not working the whole weekend, which was nice to not have anywhere to be other than church.
We went to church yesterday morning, then came home and worked on the house. Aaron has pulled down a ton of old rusted fence. Thankfully, we had kept it, so we used the bolt cutters and cut it into sections, the folded it into a circle and used pliers to wrap the ends around and now we have about 10 things to put around our tomato plants to support them in the garden. There is plenty more fence, so we will probably end up making more. I have almost 18 tomato plants growing in the house.
After we ate a quick supper, right before church services in the evening, my headache started up again. I almost didn't go. Our drive down the gravel road, adds motion sickness to my headaches which is almost too much. I took some medicine on the way which made it tolerable enough during services that I didn't have to leave early, but we left pretty soon afterward. I couldn't even sing or move my head normal speed from side to side. Aaron dropped me and the girls off at mom's apartment in town and went to get me some sudafed. Unfortunately, due to all the losers who use sudafed for something other than sinuses, it is locked up in the actually pharmacy part of the store and it was closed, so he had to get me the sinus medicine that is not sudafed. It worked ok. I took some and laid on the couch at mom's for about an hour until it got better enough that I could look from side to side without regretting it.
We drove home and went to bed pretty early. And that was our weekend.
I still have a little headache today, but have already taken a sinus pill. Hopefully that will stop it before it gets too bad.

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