Monday, March 2, 2009


Saturday, they were predicting 2-4 inches of snow for our area overnight.
We woke up Sunday morning to about 1 inch, but it continued to snow for a few more hours. The girls were playing outside by 7:30 that morning. We had a great morning. Church was cancelled, although I am not sure we would have tried to make it if it wasn't. We have 3 miles of downhill curves to get to town.
Aaron found a makeshift sled and we all sledded for a while. Then we made a snowman that was taller than the kids. After warming up for few minutes, we went on a walk through the woods, where the snow was deep enough that it covered my feet. Then we drove down the road about 1/10 of a mile until we got to the turnabout where you can see the whole town below us.
It was a good snow day.
I went to work 3-11.
Today we have an Art Fair at our coop. The girls each drew a picture they are submitting.

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