Saturday, February 28, 2009

ER Visit

Thursday evening around 4pm, the girls and I were walking to the trashcans at the end of the driveway. Hannah starts running to beat us all. She was probably about 40ft in front of us when the dog sees her way up ahead.
Not ever wanting anyone to beat her, Princess takes off at a full gallop towards Hannah. Normally, when she does this, I guess she just wants to prove that she is faster than the kids, she stops about 2 ft ahead of them.
Well, about the same time Princess shifts to the side to tear around Hannah, Hannah stops and turns around right into Princess running full speed.
Princess took her feet right out from under her and she fell on her chin. So I go running to a screaming, bleeding lip Hannah, while Princess is jumping around all over her and all around her, thinking Hannah got on the ground to play.
By the time I got to her and carried her back into the house, her chin had really swollen a lot in the soft tissue underneath. It looked like she had a double chin. The small amount of bleeding was from her lip and her skin is almost completely scraped off her chin.
I was scared that her chin would swell into her throat, so I loaded up the kids real quick, grabbed an icepack and tried to convince Hannah to hold it to her chin the whole way there.
Thankfully, none of her teeth were loose, and the doctor said since she was able to talk and move her chin without extreme pain, then it isn't broken.
Our flirt of a 4 year old lit up when the young nice looking doctor walked in. Kind of funny. Kind of scary. Anyway, she had fallen asleep in the ER while waiting. I was able to get ahold of Aaron while he was on his way home and he came straight there to get the other two. He took them on home and we were done probably 30 min. later. We were probably there about an hour.
That night and the next day , she had a little trouble opening her mouth all the way and she talked kind of funny, but other than that, she is healing well.
Today, we went and bought a tractor. We looked at it yesterday and then went back to pay for it today. He is delivering it on Monday. Aaron is very excited. It comes with a bushhog. We will need a plow for the garden.
Supposed to snow tonight. We'll see. I worked 3-7 today. I was supposed to stay until 11, but they didn't need me and gave me the choice of going home, or they would call another girl off that wasn't there yet. Since, they have talked up this huge snow coming tonight, I decided to just get home before it started. 3-11 tomorrow.

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