Wednesday, February 18, 2009

working extra

I have been very negligent in blogging.
I have been able to work extra these last few weeks. I was trying to average around 20 hours this week. However, I have been called in a few times, for instance, tonight and will have 33 hours on this week alone - if I am able to work the last 12 I have signed up for.
I got 3 messages within about 3o min. begging me to come in tonight and some for tomorrow. I went to church tonight for the first half, then went to work at 7:30 and stayed until 11:30. I am working 3-7 tomorrow, but they have already said they may call and ask me to come in early.
I hope with all this working, we can pay off the debt asap and start on the next adoption.
Still waiting for the partial refund check from our old adoption agency to come in the mail> I emailed on the 9th and they said it was either processing or on it's way.
We also filed our taxes on the 9th and we were supposed to get our refund back on the 13th. Well, it didn't come, so Aaron looked it up and the date was changed to the 17th. Still didn't come, so I called today and the lady said that they don't deposit checks on any other day than Friday. (Why they said the 17th on the website, we will never know) Supposedly, it will be here this Friday.

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