Thursday, March 6, 2008

Strep Throat - Again! and The Dentist

Well, my throat pain that started the other day is strep throat. I went to the walk in clinic again and saw the same doctor. He remembered me and I was hoping that he would just look at my throat and say "yep, strep throat again, here is a prescription" But no, I had to get the throat culture again, and he also said I looked like I might have the flu too. Must not have looked to great that day. So, I also got the nasal swab, which was really painful, I was sure that my nose would start bleeding after the swabbing it hurt so bad, but it didn't. The results Strep + / Flu -
So, now I am on a different antibiotic. My throat is already starting to feel slightly better, although I am still pretty tired. I started the antibiotic about 1 1/2 days ago.
We had a big morning. All 3 of the girls had their dental checkups. It was the first time since we had moved. We were at the dentist office from 9:45 -12:00. Just what you want to do when recovering from strep. Anyway, I am really proud of the girls. The dental hygenist came out and started up a conversation with my 3 girls plus another one while they were in the waiting room. They talked for about 5 minutes on Barbie Fairytopia movie, then she took Madelyn and Natalie back with her, and they both went willingly without looking back. Hannah wanted to go too. Then about an hour later it seemed, it was a while, she came out to get Hannah. Hannah dropped her toys and ran to the lady. I couldn't believe it.
Finally, Madelyn came out and the hygenist poked her head out to say that Natalie was done too, but she wanted to play video games for a while longer. Dentists have come a long way since I was a kid. Remember when the put the goo fluoride in what looked like a teeth guard thingy and you had to bite down on it and keep that mouthguard full of oozing goo in your mouth while they timed it? Now, they just brush the fluoride on real quick.
Last year, the week before we moved, we payed a ton of money for Madelyn to have sealant put on her 6 year molars. Apparently, two of them need to be redone and one of those that does need to be redone has a small cavity, so we shall be returning next Wednesday to take care of that. I liked the dentist today. He said that sealent should last at least 2 years and they would like for it to last 7-8 years. So, I guess the last dentist didn't do to good of a job. Speaking of that...
A few weeks ago, when I had strep the first time, I had a dentist's appt. I had scheduled for myself on a day Aaron was off, so I wouldn't have to take the girls. So, since I was sick, Aaron went ahead and switched with me and went instead. Aaron is 31 and has never had a cavity. So, he goes to this dentist and comes home all upset. He said that the dentist told him that he had a small cavity in every one of his molars, and that they were so small they couldn't be seen on xray. (In other words - "I can't show you proof, but just trust me, that you who have never had a cavity now all of a sudden have a ton that are tiny") He then told Aaron he would need to come back for a cleaning in 3 months and then in another 3 months, and then maybe he could go back to every 6 months. I am the cavity queen, and I have never had a dentist tell me to come in more often than every 6 months. Also, that he would need to start filling them soon, and that most dentists wouldn't go through the trouble to fill in such tiny cavities, but he wants to get them before they get bigger. (In other words "if you get a second opinion, the other dentist will say you don't need to have these cavities filled, that way I will be more believable since I already told you what the other dentist will say")
I told Aaron that we will just let him go for another checkup in 6 months (when insurance will pay again) and not mention it to the new dentist and see if he agrees or even mentions it. I am glad I didn't go, he would have had a field day with my teeth. Ever since having the 3 pregnancies, my teeth have had trouble recovering.
Anyway, I told the dentist today about it and asked his opinion. He pretty much said we need to find a new dentist that doesn't have so much time on his hands.
We have continued fitting in school when we can between doctor's visits, but I haven't been reading to the girls all that I normally read. My throat is so dry and talking a lot makes me cough and is painful. Just like last time, the throat pain is going up onto the roof of my mouth. I sneezed twice today and thought I might cry from the pain that induced. I am working 3 evenings next week, so I should be feeling back to normal by then even though I will still be on the antibiotics.
I believe I will be going up to see the relatives for Easter. All of the cousins will be out for spring break the week after Easter. I will be working the next weekend, so I thought I would try to go up for the weekend and possibly a little of that week.
Still haven't heard much about the land we want to buy. I hope we hear something soon.


Griner Mom said...

I enjoyed your last two posts. Glad all the dentist visits went well, but sorry to hear about your throat. No fun!! I am also glad your first bible study went well. I am sure you will start to get to know some of the other ladies more now. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the land!

Hyperactive Lu said...

Oh no! Sick again! Bless your heart! Your body is so tired, I bet! Fighting all these buggies! We're sick again too. I guess its a cold or whatever. I am afraid that Grayson is getting croup. I only heard him "bark like a seal" once though.... so I'm waiting! Take care of yourself. I hope you have a fantastic Easter! Oh! and Rest!

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