Monday, March 17, 2008

Thinking Day

Last Saturday was Thinking Day for Girl Scouts. The second picture is of Natalie with the other Daisys in her group. One wasn't able to come. The other picture is of Natalie helping to lead the Pledge with the other girls. There were probably about 30-40 girls there all together. It was a lot of fun. Another mom and I chose Mexico, since we both had some actual stuff from Mexico to decorate with. In the invitation I received, the organizers stated that if you wanted to, you could have a talk ready about your country of choice, etc. She divided the girls into groups and they came around with a scavenger hunt and apparently all the other group leaders had come up with a talk about their country. I felt a little silly trying to pull everything I knew about Mexico out of my brain. Thankfully, we have studied that country already this year in our homeschool. Next year, since I will have a better idea of what to do, I will prepare better.

We will be making an offer on our land contingent on the fact that we can get on the property. It has 100 foot of frontage on the highway, but the frontage is at the point of a ditch and is blocked by a guardrail. The neighbor is selling his property with a trailor and 2 acres. Our realtor thinks that he may be interested in switching an acre with us, so we will have a place to build a driveway. I am excited, and maybe this week, we can make it out there, especially if it becomes ours this week, and take some pictures.
I am planning on going to visit family this coming weekend. I will probably leave on Friday and come back Tuesday or Wednesday. All of my neices and nephews are on spring break next week, so maybe we can all get together.
I also need to start planning Natalie's birthday party soon. She will be 6 in two weeks. I can hardly believe that she is that old. She is really smart. She does most thinking in her head. When she reads for me, at first I thought she wasn't trying or just staring at it, but she will say "I'm doing it in my head" and sure enough, she will come up with the answer. Same thing with math. I have been trying to drill math facts to them, like 1+1, 9+2, etc. and she will come up with the answer in her head on math problems that she isn't even to yet.
She wants to have a sleepover/skating party/ tea party. I think we will probably stick to the skating party and leave it at that.
Still waiting for our adoption papers to be authenticated and to be put on the waiting list.


Griner Mom said...

The snow pictures are pretty, but it is hard being inside so much. Sounds like you guys are staying between school and girl scouts. So glad the girls like it so much! I will be praying for you to get your land. Keeping my fingers crossed!! How is your bible study going? Say hey to everyone and Happy Easter!

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

I hope your papers come through soon! I know you do too. I sent you an invite to our blog, but I can see that you have not accepted it yet. I re-sent it tonight.