Thursday, March 27, 2008

To Work or Not to Work...

A few months ago, I put it to Aaron as to whether I should continue to work at the hospital or not. At the time, I had not been able to work my required hours due to sickness. Aaron is on call for fires every other week. Since we don't live near any family that can watch the girls at a moment's notice and since there is no one here to watch them when I work evening shift through the bedtime hours, I can't sign up to work when Aaron might have to go in. We decided I would work until the adoption goes through and then we will revisit it then after I take some time off.

Now this last few weeks, seems his schedule and my work schedule have been colliding and brings the question up in my mind. Do I continue to try to fit in my hours each month, or do I just give up and stay at home. The money sure helps when we have it and with more adoption bills coming, well, I feel it is needed. This thought process was brought on tonight when I was out back while Natalie's Daisy troop was playing at the playground. I took the cell phone out there and Aaron called to state there were 4 fires. This is day 11 in a row for him by the way. I was supposed to work 7-11 tonight. This isn't his week on call, but when they need him, they need him and his job comes first - as it should. So, after scrambling to find a babysitter Sunday on a moments notice, I was at it again tonight. I went ahead and called in absent to work, since it had to be done by 5pm if it was going to be done. I was going to try and find someone to watch the girls, but luckily, they found someone to work. I hate calling in. But to find a non-grandparent to watch your kids at night after bedtime is almost an impossibility, especially on a school night.

Now Aaron feels that he is probably going to have to work tomorrow also, even though it is his day off. And I was supposed to work 3-11. What to do? I can't decide. Mom had mentioned coming this weekend, but she probably isn't going to. I am supposed to take Madelyn to Brownies at 2:50 and she will be busy until 7 or 8 going to a movie, but then her troop leader is bringing her home. But, if I am at work and Aaron isn't home yet and the girls are at a babysitter, I can't ask her to go all over town delivering my child. Then the problem of Brownies not starting until 2:50 and I have to be at work at 2:40. I thought about a college student that I might be able to beg with lots of money to come watch the kids, but even if she said yes, Aaron may get off at 3 and she may make a wasted trip. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! To much info- I want to cry. Is it worth all this worry?

Well, it seems that it is when I get the paycheck. But then if I am free to take care of the house and kids without the worry, and Aaron keeps getting overtime, then it may be better that I stay home. I mean it is only 32 hours a month, and I know those of you who work fulltime are laughing at me, but I am having a ton of trouble fitting in these hours. I guess I will wait to make the decision about tomorrow night when Aaron gets home late tonight or early in the morning to see if he is called back in tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

girl! i don't know what to say. i feel you dilemma. is there an older woman at church that could help? she might appreciate a little extra money and she could sit with the kids after they go to bed. just an idea. i'll be praying for your decision.