Thursday, May 8, 2008


I found this cookie idea at the Family Fun Magazine website. I love that website, they have party ideas, crafts for every season and age group. I think the website is I had planned on making the sugar cookies this morning, then taking the cookies, icing and the candy to make butterflies to Daisys. Now there are bad storms coming, they have let school out early, Madelyn's Brownie meeting is canceled, and we are going to cancel Daisys too and meet next week instead.
So, I decided we would make cookies anyway since the girls were a little disappointed that we won't be having their meetings today. I thought they turned out cute.
My book discussion class is going well. We are on chapter 12 and moving right along. We had to cancel one due to lots going on that day with church. And we changed our last meeting to Monday evening since it was another busy day at church. There were only 3 of us and I figured that there might be 4 at the most. But it was a good meeting and we are all enjoying it (at least the ones that showed up Monday night) I will probably start another one when this one gets close to wrapping up. If I remember right, there are 24 chapters and we usually do 2 chapters a meeting.
At church, they just started a new Wed. night class for those 20-40. I went last night and I think it will be nice. I hope that we will all start doing stuff together. I have been making friends better since starting this book group and since starting the every other week lunches at church, but Aaron hasn't made many close friends yet. Men don't need to talk as much as women, and Aaron doesn't talk as much as most men, so he doesn't make lots of conversation.
We put up a badminton net in our back yard a few weeks ago and have had so much fun playing with the girls. I joked with Aaron that we needed to have some people over for a badminton tournament. Natalie didn't play to much for the first few weeks. She had trouble being able to actually hit the birdie when if came by and I understand - it isn't fun to play when you never make contact. But the last few days, she actually has been making contact and most of the time it goes off in a weird direction, not over the net, but it is a start and she actually wants to play now. Madelyn of course, just took right to it. She loves to do anything that has to do with sports and she usually picks it up real quick. She is actually good competition for Aaron and I. I think she would be great at tennis. Hannah of course, just stands there dangerously swinging the racket and getting in the way. I actually hit her in the face with my racket the other day and thankfully, I barely skimmed her forehead with it. If either of us had been closer, I think there would have been blood, because I was swinging pretty hard.
Our Tuesday lunch with the ladies is next week. I was really hoping for more older ladies, I mean elderly. Maybe eventually they will come. I hate to think of them being in the house all the time. I hope that the summer time will bring more people. Lots of women at church are schoolteachers, so if they aren't out of town on vacation, maybe they can come.


Hyperactive Lu said...

happy mothers day!

Griner Mom said...

It sounds like you guys are doing really good. The girls seem to be very happy and are so pretty as always. I love their dresses. I am glad you are getting to know more people in your church. It is so hard to do! I am going to e-mail you that recipe!!!