Saturday, October 27, 2007


Here are some pictures of the girls getting their hair curled and getting ready for the Church's Halloween party. Can you tell who likes to pose the most? Natalie's costume was supposed to be an angel, but the wings wouldn't stay on and we decided she looked more like and Egyptian, so she did a few poses for that.
Madelyn had to try and figure out what to do with a hoop skirt while sitting down. I think we got it down pretty well. There is a Trunk or Treat Wed. night before church, so they will have another chance to dress up.

Also, I got solved the problem of taking chairs back and forth between the classroom and the diningroom. Last Saturday, Madelyn and Natalie and I went on a search for chairs for the kitchen table. Our first stop was this huge warehouse type building in town. Instead of chairs, I found these old school chair/desk combos. They were just $10 each, so I got 3. The girls are excited to do some of their school work in them and now I don't have to carry 4 chairs back and forth every day. I still could use some dining room chairs, for when we have company, but at least it is not a daily problem.

Finally got our Vietnam dossier paperwork. I am anxious to get to work on it. Looks like it is a lot less than the Guatemala one, and hopefully some of it will transfer. Can't wait to get back on a waiting list.


Hyperactive Lu said...

I love the Halloween costumes!

Griner Mom said...

I love all 3 costumes. All the girls are so pretty and are really growing up. I love their curled hair. You can tell they were very excited to get dressed up. I am glad they get two chances to dress up. I am going to try and get some pics of the little ones this week too. Bye!

Paulo J said...

karen! thanks for the comment. the pics of the girls are wonderful. natalie is quite the poser. :) fall here in madrid is beautiful, still a little warm during the day, but cooler at night. hope you´re having a great week!