Monday, October 8, 2007


Madelyn and Natalie had their 2nd soccer game today. Natalie scored. Madelyn scored last week. They are both on the same team, which is nice for us. Next year, they will be separated. We are very proud that there is more hustling and less holding hands and playing with the other girls on the team this year.
Hopefully, I will get the information on changing countries this week and I can start on the Vietnam dossier. When I got done with the last one, I kept thinking that the next dossier, I would do things a little faster. Less staggering paperwork like they suggested and try to get all my stuff out the first week and wait for everyone to return what they need to. Who knew the next dossier would only be a month away instead of a few years away like I had imagined? I guess God did. Funny joke on me.
Not much news today, I worked 7-11 Friday, 3-11 Saturday and 7-11 Sunday, so the days I work, not much else goes on. I like the evening shift, but it is hard to go to bed early on the days I don't work when I am used to staying up to at least 12:30 am on the evenings I work. Last night I was up until 2:30am. Good thing Aaron was off for Columbus day today.

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Griner Mom said...

I loved seeing the soccer pictures of the girls. They are growing up. Wow! The both scored, that is awesome! Sounds like you had a busy work weekend. Ashley