Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pumpkin Patch, Doctor, and Adoption

Here are the girls waiting on the hay wagon to go and get their pumpkins. We had a good time, although it was quite a bit hotter than October should be. I had to have 20 people for a tour and barely made 19 until 3 people showed up about 45 min. late. The farm was way out in the boonies and took a lot longer than we thought. I was panicking the last minute on Tuesday, since I had 2 families cancel on me, but I called Aaron's parents and invited them, and they brought 2 of their friends. We went with a group from our homeschool church school.

We got to ride out to a field and pick pumpkins, crawl through a trough of corn, play in the hay, dig for root vegetables in a sandbox, pick cotton, feed chickens, pet goats, listen to a pumpkin story, and have a picnic. Aaron took off work and went with us. Madelyn's favorite part was picking cotton. She said she could pick cotton all day long and never get tired. Of course we picked for about 15 min. She spent all evening last night trying to separate the seeds from the cotton so she can grow some herself.

Took all three girls to the doctor this morning for their yearly checkups. Everyone is healthy and they did really well. We washed our hands numerous times with the hand sanitizer, so hopefully, we didn't come home with more than we took in. So often, when we get home after doctor's appts., the kids end up sick within the week. All three got their flu shots. I was hoping they would have the flumist nasal spray like our last pediatrician in Georgia, but no, everyone got stuck. I was very proud of Madelyn who cried silent crocodile tears while waiting for the nurse, but stood there motionless while she got the shot in her arm. Natalie was very brave and laughing, until the nurse came in and made her lay down, then she flipped out a little. Hannah of course had no idea what was going on until she got to watch both of them get it, then of course she flipped out a little too. While Madelyn was silently crying, it was cute and sweet when Hannah went over to her and wiped her tear away and said "It's ok poopy" All in all, the doctor's office wasn't the total nightmare I was expecting.

We are seriously considering changing countries to adopt from. I spoke to our agency yesterday for the first time since hearing the news last week, and they don't have a whole lot of info. A lot of stuff us up in the air right now. I am waiting to hear from the case manager from Vietnam to call me and talk about that country. I dread starting a new dossier and am hoping that some of our Guatemalan dossier will work for our Vietnam, if we decide to change. They told us that no matter what, they know there will be delays in the Guatemalan adoptions and at some point they will be closing down to completely redo the system. When that happened before, they said it was closed for 6 months. So, Aaron and I figured, whether we stay with Guatemala and wait through the delays hoping that it opens back up or change countries, it will mean redoing a lot of our dossier, since many things in the dossier we did this summer will expire in a year. Hohummm - that is me sighing. Been praying hard that God will lead us as to where to go.


David, Samantha and Kaori said...

Looks like you have been busy. I am sorry to hear about the delay in your adoption. I know how frustrtaing that can be. Overwhelming for that matter. I will continue to pray for guidance as you decide what to do next.

Griner Mom said...

Hey!! Love the pumpkin patch pics. I want us to go to one too soon. It looks like you found a great one to go to. I am so sorry about the delay in the adoption. I can't imagine how disappointing that must be. I know that you and Aaron will make the best decision for your family. Very frustrating regardless though. I will pray for you guys to know what to do next. Ashley