Sunday, July 6, 2008

Camp, Kittens, and 13,000 chickens

I will start with Camp. The girls and I spent last Sunday through Friday at Camp and we had a great time. I like being a counselor more than being the nurse. I was real proud of the girls and they had a great time. Hannah kept up with the big kids. I had taken the wagon thinking I would have to pull her around everywhere, but thankfully, she wanted to walk with everyone else. The camp is on an old golf course, so it is very hilly. Madelyn is already making plans for next year.
Here are some new pictures of our kittens who are between 4-5 weeks old. They are so cute and really grew up a lot in the week we were gone. The went from practically dragging around their back halves, to hopping and walking on all fours. When the girls go into the garage, they come out of their hiding place to play. They spend a lot of time chewing on each other's tails. It is real cute. The girls named them right after they were born and I think they did a great job. The one with black fur and an orange nose is Chocolate Chip. I think the coolest looking one is StormCloud with the white face, grey fur and black ears, tail and back legs. Then there is Cotton(there are 2 pictures of her) the fluffball who is all white except for the faint hint of orange strips on her ears and tail.
Now for the Chickens. There is a couple at church who raise chickens and have two chicken houses. She told me that she would call and have us over the next time they got a load of baby ones. So, she invited us over this afternoon. The chickens were a few months old and out of the fluffy yellow stage, but they were still not full grown. Wow, were there a lot of chickens in that house. approx. 13000 to be exact. We were able to catch some and all the girls held them. Unfotunately I didn't take the camera, but we are going to go back again in a few months when they get the new ones. I learned a ton about chickens that I didn't know during the 20 min. we spent in the chicken house. You can learn so much from people just asking about things that are every day to them.

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