Friday, July 18, 2008

Still Packing

Aaron was off today, so I planned to go to work 7-3 today. Unfortunately, after getting up at 5:30 and calling into work after showering, they didn't need me. That was around 6:15. No sense in going back to sleep, so when Madelyn woke up around 6:30, I told her to get her shoes on, we were running errands. Madelyn is always up for anything that gets her out of the house, especially if she can go with me alone.
I try to let Aaron sleep in when he can, so I wrote him a note telling him where we went and that I had Madelyn with me. I knew he would freak out if he woke up and I was gone (which he was expecting, since I thought I was going to work) and if he couldn't find Madelyn. We got home and Aaron was still asleep, Natalie and Hannah were up watching cartoons. They ran to me, going on and on about how they couldn't find me, etc. I said "did you wake Daddy up?" They said "no" I guess they weren't too upset. Aaron blissfully slept through it all. He did wake up about 8:30, running out to the living room to get the girls dressed real quick to go to VBS. But he saw me in the kitchen, the kids were already ready, so he could relax.
There is a widow at church who offered to let us plant some stuff in her garden. We planted about 5 tomato plants, 3 pepper plants, 3 watermelon plants, and some okra. No veges yet, but I try to go every other day to water since it is not raining here. Madelyn and I watered the plants, then we went to Walmart, which is really empty around 7:15 in the morning - nice.
Aaron and I drove the kids to VBS, came home and I fell asleep on the couch while he cleaned under the other couch. I was so tired from getting up early. We went back to get the girls, dropped off one of their friends from VBS that was on our way home and came home to laze around the house. I cleaned almost all of the fridge, and it looks so nice. I am trying to get as much stuff cleaned, so that when we do move out, we don't spend a whole other day having to clean this one.
Now Aaron and I are stressing a little on our schedule for the next few weeks. On Thursday afternoon, the "well driller' followed me out to the property to look around. He is so laid back, I am a little worried. He seems to think he will be able to do it the last week of this month, but still didn't give me a definate date. He did ask if that was what we were waiting for to move in. I said "other than closing next week, YES!" Maybe he got the hint. We close next Friday, but we won't drill a well before we close, so we don't want to move in without the well. I am sure it will fall together as we get closer.
I am scheduled to work 3-11 tomorrow. Maybe I can find a babysitter some next week so I can work. Life is fixing to get more hectic over the next two weeks.

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Griner Mom said...

The pictures of your house look soo good. It looks really nice and sounds like exactly what you guys have been looking for. I am sure it is hard not to worry about the adoption and waiting is the worst, but you are right in that it will all be worth it!!! I am so happy for you all and really hope everything goes smoothly with the drilling!